Help - Missing Actor in Perspective Window

  • Hi all. I am new to the UDK and trying to learn all of the basics. Today while tinkering around with the Test TD map released by the TBS mappers, I noticed that there weren’t any player starts (Actors), which confused me. I ran the map and sure enough I was able to spawn as were other bots. When I looked again at the map window, I noticed that the player starts were in fact there – but only visible in the 2D windows. For some reason they have become hidden from my perspective window. Is there some kind of shortcut to show/hide these icons? I looked all over Google for over 10 min to no avail… Is my UDK editor bugged?

    ^^^ Notice that there is no player start in the perspective view.

    ^^^ Still no player start in the perspective window. But as you can see, there is one there… By selecting it in the one of the other 2D views, you can see it selected (but no icon) in perspective mode.


    Does anyone know how to fix this…?

  • I solved the issue by clicking on the arrow in the upper left corner of the display window, then “Show”, then “Reset to Default”… And now the actor is visible again. Just in case anyone else accidentally hits some keyboard combination and runs into a similar problem. :P

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