[WIP]Fortification Contest - Popes Palace

  • Hi everyone this thread will be related to the Chivalry Fortication Contest.

    Map name : Popes Palace

    Link steam : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=244056555

    The map is freely based on the ancient Popes Palace of Avignon in France. It means that I do not intend to recreate its architecture perfectly but using it at a reference.

    Context :

    Mason have captured a secret palace from Agatha that contained a lot of gold. They now claim it there own. A group of Agatha soldier is sent to retrieve the stolen gold and retake the palace from Mason Soldiers.

    Intention :

    The level based on vertical height. Player will start on the ground of the Palace and progression up to the three Tower. Each part has different gameplay and circulations. The first part has an open area to ensure a furious battle. The second part take place inside the Fortification, with narrow combat area which emphasis team battle. The third part is above the Fortification, on the roof, wider combat area than the second part but player are more exposed to ballistas.

    I plan to add some traps and other gameplay element like burning hangings, open gate to add a new circulation and so on.


    There will be 3 objectives because I feel like 3 is well enough and maps with more objectives tends to be too long. (I can be bored pretty easily)

    Objective 1 : The Statue

    Mason have built a statue of Malric inside the court of Honor and the work is nearly completed.

    Agatha Objective : Destroy the Mason Statue
    Mason Objective : Protect the Mason Statue

    Objective 2 : Stolen Gold

    The stolen gold has been hidden in different chest Agatha must retrieve them by using the “use” button on the chest.

    Agatha Objective : Find the chest
    Mason Objective : Prevent enemy from finding the chest.

    Objective 3 : Flags

    Mason have hoisted their flags on the Tower. To reclaim the palace Agatha must replace the flag by their own.

    Agatha objective : Hoist Agatha flag on the three Tower
    Mason objective : Keep Mason flag hoisted on the Three Tower.

    Here is a quick look of the map I drawn not all elements are places upon it, nor the circulation way. I will probably make one specific more detailed map for each part of the game.

    Some references of the original Pope Palace

  • Update - 03/16

    • Change the first objective - reduce 8 chains to 4 chains using only ballistas
    • Objective 1 is working, Basic objective 2 is completed, just need to duplicate it 4 times.
    • Working on the Level Design Document
    • Made some schema to explain circulation

    Level Objectives

    Quick reminder :

    1. Objective 1 : break 4 chain with ballista to make the Mason statue falling.
    2. Objective 2 : Find the 5 chest of gold (stand by for 15 second to own the chest )
    3. Objective 3: hoist th Aagatha flag on the Three tower (one a flag has been hoist It cannot be change by Mason)

    What I need to do

    • White blocking all the 2nd objective
    • Detailed map for 2nd objective and third objective
    • white blocking third objective

    I hope to have an all fonctionning Alpha the next week so as I can concentrate on balance and props the next month.

    Map of the First objective (yeah my map is ugly ^^)

    Flow of Objective 1

    (note : the red lines are the circulation and we clearly see in one second where the combat zone will be)

    Early screenshot of the White_blocking Level : First Objective

    Agatha_spawn (start)

    Court of Honor

    Along the Work in Progress I want to talk about how I design my map, the choice I did and what is the workflow I’m using. Hope this could help and/or create discussion about level design.

    The Back and forth

    Most of designers will tell you that you have to think carefully of your level before going into the Editor. They are right. But as for me I need concrete image to focus on, to build on. That’s why I advocate rapid prototyping and iteration. I call this « back and forth » because when I design a level I shift from one aspect to another whenever I need it:

    • level design document
    • top-view map
    • Level Editor.

    The Level design document regroups all informations about the level including top-view map, reference, context, gameplay and (very important) circulation. The top-view is usually very basic at the beginning and I update it. In the Level Editor I make a rapid prototype and iterate on it. I often make a lot of change in the editor and quickly test it out especially for the circulation. The structure can be completely modified from the map I drawn.

    Choice of Objective:

    There is many map where the objective are: pushing the ram, destroy x and kill the king. So I came up with different objective. Also I sticked to 3 objectives because 3 is the magical number. The map Citadel is good but I find it too long. I designed the Pope Palace with the idea of small map that can be played quickly.

    So the first objective is to break 4 chains that are attach to the Mason Statue. At first it was 8 chain: 4 with any weapon and 4 only with ballistas. Why was it a bad choice and why did I change? Because if a chain can be break with any weapon, any chain in the level should be breakable by any weapon. Otherwise players don’t understand and there’s a lack of logic (which can be good sometime but not in that case)

    From now only One shot is enough for the chain to break. I need to test it with player to see if It is enough or if it should need two. More would make the objective too difficult.

  • It looks good, and have a wide variety of objectives.

  • Castel Gandolfo

  • looks really good and objectives are innovating

  • Hey everyone I had no access to a PC so there was no update last week, sorry.

    changelog :

    • All block out finish
    • All objectives are working

    note : Objective are working but AI is not configured well, please play with player only. Any bug reported with bot will not be considered

    Need to be done

    • AI and navigation
    • Test
    • Art
    • Polish

    I’ll update when the file will be on the workshop (I got an error parsing Title yet profile and title name are the same if someone knows why)

    Here some new screenshots :

    Pope_Palace Top_view (Different color to show the different height since the map is vertically-based one)

    Top_view objective 1

    Top_view objective 2

    Top_view objective 3

    Court of Honor 1

    Court of Honor 2

    Pope Palace_ large view

  • The map is uploaded :

    Link steam : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile…/?id=244056555

  • Looks solid Goomba, I know you haven’t gotten to the art stage yet and I don’t know how much time has passed from when the Masons took over to the current attack, but I think it would look pretty cool to show some damage from the previous battle, damaged walls, possibly wood scaffolding in areas that are still under repair, etc. ( just to help give the back story some more life)

  • That’s a good idea. I did not make a timeline so anything is possible. Are Agatha striking back one week later or one year later ? is not determined yet. I think that’s something i’ll think about it when it comes to art the map. That should be soon.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Developer

    Hey, your map doesn’t seem to be working on servers. I think your filename is breaking it, it should be AOCTO- rather than AOCTO_ as you have it now. I don’t know, hopefully that fixes it.

  • Ok i will change it. sorry

    I reuploaded it, hope it works

  • I’m courious about this map.
    Height Is an interesting gameplay (I putted on my map last objective and FFA)

  • I really like your mindset on how to design, I recognize my mindset in your text. Tried to join a server with your map, but I couldn’t join for some reason. Will try again, and hopefully give you some feedback :)

  • Doesn’t look like your lighting built properly, there are a lot of harsh shadows and dark areas that make game play difficult. it’s also really easy to spawn camp the first ag spawn.

    Also it’s generally a bit confusing. The layout need some work. There are many rooms that seem to flow into one another and don’t really make much logical sense. I’m sure they do when you know them but from a player POV it’s somewhat confusing, for example the cells. I wandered around them for a while not really knowing what to do.

  • Hey just checked the map out on the testing session. Looks like NATO covered all the notes I had except that Objective 3 seems to be broken. Only one of the progress bars works for the gold and when it fills up seemingly nothing happens. Hope I get to see more of the map next week.

  • I got to play map during testing yesterday and I agree with NATO, and Jonks! about the issues, I guess you were having issues getting map working on the servers in which case you might not have rebuilt lighting. I was always lost and confused about where to go, too many untextured rooms I guess. hopefully you can resolve some of this by next weeks testing so you can get better play test info. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the replies. I mmay forgoettent to rebuild the light.

    Objective 3 is broken ? It is working fine with me… that’s a shame.

    As for the prgress bar, it seems that the matinee is sometimes not playing but you should have sound feedback.

    By the way I got HUGE/MASSIVE issues with my map which cause UDK to crash i’m still trying to figure what i’m freaking despair right now.

  • What’s the bug? We might be able to help!

  • That’s hard to explain. I made several map to back-up because I know I could have some problems.

    On the map that is the most advance in adding art, the map crashes within 1 minutes in game when I click on “play level”.

    Some of my back-up map crashes only when I build light and click on “play level”

    The only one that is working the one which was released so I guess it comes from a static meshes.

    I spent the last week to redo al the art I already done tow or three time because at some point the editor is crashing when testing.

  • update

    Sorry there was no update week ago because of the issue. I did not find out why so I had just to re start and re-replace all the BSP for Static Meshes.

    It’s taking more time than it should because I test my map two or three time when working on it and since I have adaily job I don’t work every night on it.

    So here is some new screenshots, I will update the steam version When there will more be art next week.

    Agatha’s Spawn

    first Room when entering inside the Palace

    The East Rampart

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