LTS is not fun anymore

  • Or better: For quite a while now.

    Reason 1: End Game Markers
    Aka “poor mans wallhack”. They just remove any finesse from end game fighting and give Archers an unfair advantage. Flanking is almost impossible as is outfoxing multiple opponents. LTS end game has become both boring and frustrating.

    Reason 2: Friendly Flinch
    Or better “the lack of”. How are you supposed ito fight a bunch of slash spamming Knghts or Vanguards that strike through each other keeping you locked in flinch? Then enemies hit each other and the knockback is applied - causing them to relocate. As they did not get flinched their attacks still come in (sometimes its like a Knight side dodging). I don’t know if this also applies to friendly ranged attacks - but I can’t recall getting flinched by one.

    Reason 3: Rapid Fire Snipers
    I have no problem with Slingers or Bowmen raining projectiles on you. I have no problem with Javelineers oneshotting two guys and beating the third in close combat. I have no problem with sneaky people oneshotting you out of cover. But its stupid if those people aren’t sneaky at all - they miss three or four of their powerful shots but just press R and got another bolt ready in no time. There are supposed to be fire breaks but there aren’t.

    Reason 4: Autobalance
    Its simple: You do work, you kill a lot of guys, you are playing with your buddies, you are winning. And suddenly you find yourself spawning on the other side of the map surrounded by enemies. You can’t switch back as the round always started and you might not even get a notification before.

    Reason 5: Missing Colors
    I want crimson for Mason and navy blue for Agatha! No thats not really a reason but you should have both colors in my opinion. Crimson is the Mason color and navy blue just looks much better than smurf blue.

  • Yeah, I kinda stopped doing LTS a while ago. Went back to FFA.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I sort of agree:

    1 - End game markers are a double edged sword. On one hand they ensure that annoying players who hide away to prolong the game without any chance of victory are quickly caught. But, as you say, it does take out any ability to flank or catch players off-guard. It also ensures that the enemy, whatever remains, are all grouped up. Whereas without markers it’s quite possible to pick a couple of players off if you’re quick about it, before the rest of the team reinforces. In a nutshell, I think it adds less than it gives. People who hide can be votekicked if it’s a serious enough issue (and it didn’t happen that often anyways).

    2 - Friendly flinch would add a lot, yes. Hitting through allies makes no sense, and doesn’t add anything to the game if you ask me. Hitting an ally should be penalized, especially in pubs, not an easy way to ensure victory.

    3 - More related to archer balance which I won’t touch here. Archers can be annoying, no doubt, but it’s not a LTS issue.

    4 - This can be frustrating, but I feel it’s a necessary evil. Being forced to, on occasion, switch teams to balance them out is important. There’s no fun in winning against a team that has a player handicap. This was only a problem a long time ago when it only switched over the highest scoring player from either team.

    5 - No opinion.

    I’d also hope that they fix up the player’s alive count. It’s been broken for a while. Especially if they consider removing the end-game markers, it’s important to know how many are alive.

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