AoC maps in GMod?

  • Hi, I’d like to use Age of Chivalry maps in Garry’s Mod, but I’m unable to find the map files anywhere. I tried using GCFScape to find them, but I couldn’t find where AoC even stores its maps.

    Any help? Thanks a lot.

  • There is a program called pakrat that you can pack all the necessary files into the map from the game. But you will also have to change some of the game structure as it is team based. So you will have to use another program called Entspy08 to change spawn types and to fix other team based items. the other method is to totally decompile the map, open it in Hammer Editor and make the changes there. This requires a Hammer Editor and a decompiler called BSPsource or BSPEdit. You will have to set up Hammer Editor so that it can find the game files. But in Hammer, it is the most powerful of editing tools as you can change everything about the map. Once you finish editing and saving it as a map you will still need to “pak” or add the additional files to the map thus using pakrat to place all necessary files into the map.

    This will take lots of time and the learning curve is not intuitive as you would think. Be patient and start with a small simple map. It will also be very time consuming once you get into it and get the hang of it.

  • Really appreciate the help, but I just loaded up GMod again and found out it has a new feature to upload resources from certain Source games, including AoC. Just loaded up Helm’s Deep right now.


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