Help with Maul + Combo + Teammates running in way

  • Hey guys

    I’m not the best at this game, nor this weapon. I’m a general pub player who just wants to have fun & take mind of things

    I like the Maul with its damage & I find I can do better using combo’s of overhead swings as approaching opponent or just trying to create space - I got these tips off Hexen’s vids/overview - Many thanks to him on those

    The main problem I’m having is when I’m winding my swings, team mates continue to run infront of me as if I wasn’t even there, between me & the opponent - just as I’m about to load down the next swing to crash down onto the next opponent head (I admit, sometimes I’m at fault if combo gets stuck & stamina run out & can’t cancel). I do try to do it away from everyone & look around me before going into combo. Instead of getting the opponent, I get my teammate & have to forever saying sorry, was going for that other dude.
    Is there any way around this or does others have this issue where teamates running infront all the time? My fav game mode is TO, I not a big fan of FFA. Sometimes will play TD

    Or perhaps they just trying to show just how bad I am by running infront of me :’(


  • If your teammates insist on zerg rushing, make an attempt to flank your enemy. You can fight multiple people if they are in front of you. But once they surround you you are fucked.

  • When you have enough time to respond, drag the maul to your left(because people tend to strafe to your right) and drag it down in order for it to hit the ground as soon as possible. The maul being a slow weapon should easily be dragged away from teammates to avoid friendly hits.

    Don’t feint your attack if you’re worried it’ll hit your teammates. The windup of the maul is long but if it’s too late then you’re screwed. Drag it away from them instead.

    Teammates stepping in front of a maul are mostly to blame theirselves. If they are vanguards coming that close to you then you’re probably getting hit by their mindless Bardiche LMB spam as well all the time so a maul headshot is only just. If they are knights then they’re still pretty dumb to step in front of your maul but at least there’s a good chance he will survive the accidental hit.

    If it’s an archer or a man at arms then it’s entirely their fault. Archers and men at arms are supposed to pick lonely targets or soften them up from a distance. If they manage to get KO’d by your maul then there’s nothing to blame but their own stupidity.

  • If they die, they die.

  • @dudeface:

    If they die, they die.

    These things, they happen.

  • Try to stay on your teammates left side when you overhead with the maul. It spikes out towards the left at the very end of the attack, and can hit your teammates if you aren’t careful.

  • General rule of thumb: in crowded fights, things happen. As long as you’re throwing overheads instead of frantically swinging it side to side like Miley Cyrus with a sledgehammer, they shouldn’t be getting hit, and it’s their fault if they do.

    Also, don’t blow the Maul, like Miley Cyrus with a sledgehammer. That’s just uncomfortable for everyone involved.

  • Also, look to play on a high skilled server. It is a treat playing in 32/32 TO server with 40+'s. People play much better.

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