[Problem] Null References when opening Example Maps

  • Dear Community!

    I recently installed Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior to start creating a map for the AOCTO map contest. Since I never made a Chivalry map in UDK before I thought I would take a look at the example maps like the help/tutorial docs suggests.

    When I opened the Example maps I got a lot of “Objects missing”, we are talking more than 100 errors. What I have done so far to make it work without results:

    • Fully Load the Chivlary package in the content browser before opening one of the maps.
    • Removing the game entirely from steam and trying it out with a fresh install.

    Is there anyone here who knows what it is or how to get around it?

    I might mention that I have other versions of UDK on my PC yet in completely different folders, though they are on the same hdd - but I don’t think this makes any difference (at least it shouldn’t.)

    I bought the expansion for this challenge specifically, I will be endlessly grateful if anyone can help me out.

    Thanks in advance!

    / Sjonsson

  • Sounds like you’ve been trying to open Medieval Warfare levels using the Deadliest Warrior editor, the null references come from the level calling out for objects stored in particular locations and the editor not being able to find them.

    For example if the level calls for a material like “Wood01_burnt” stored in the package “environments/SomeLevel.Materials” the editor will look for the package environments/SomeLevel and within that the folder Materials for Wood01_burnt. If it doesn’t find it, it will cause a null editor.

  • Yepp, you are darn right! Thanks a lot!

    Do you know if you can import the packages for MW into the DW editor? So that you can open any map and use all assets available?

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