Bought preorder

  • Just bought the preorder on their website. Is it possible to join the beta? If it is, where do i download the game. Got the steamkey, activated the key. People are asking for betakeys, thought a preorder would give you beta access. Why should i preorder and pay now if not to get to betaplay.

  • just saw another post and it doesnt seem i get to beta when bying the preorder. Its ok, maybe, i guess i would have bought the game on release anyhow, maybe. But i did pay today to get to beta. Have i bear with my money. (i feel screwed;)

  • The beta was a $50 preorder option until the end of Septemeber. The game is however only 4 days out from release, so it won’t be long.

    Sorry for any confusion, but on the preorder page:

    “Pre-order Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and get it on Steam for Windows when it launches!”

  • I tought october 16 was beta release, lol, cause i cant find any info on steam on this release. Well, i have activated the steamkey i got so i guess i dont need the beta if we can trust the release date.

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