Arrows don't go where they should in 3p

  • I don’t know how old this bug is but I didn’t find anyting on the forums about it.
    If you shoot an arrow when standing close to an obstacle while in 3rd person it will miss the target by alot.
    As you can see in the pic the arrow deviates quite alot.

    It happens with some obstacles and some not i think.

  • Play in first person. And turn your FOV down if you are gonna stay in third.

    Anyway I can’t remember when but sometime last year in a patch before they released deadliest warrior they made projectiles always go where the crosshair is. So your arrow is going through the crosshair. But its basing the wall of the bridge you’re on as the thing you are aiming at. Hence why the arrow goes off at a strange angle. Well probably anyway.

    Before that patch arrows never went where the crosshair was regardless of range.

  • I don’t play with these settings, I was just messing around. Maybe there are people who play archer in 3rd person idk.

    If im aiming at the wall then the arrow should hit the wall shouldn’t it.

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