A series of qucik questions to people who have played CS:GO on a high speed monitor

  • In official matchmaking, the server tick rate is set to 64hz, right?
    When spectating a person playing, you are watching the server feed of the player’s actions, no?
    Since the server should only register 1 action per 64th of a second, how does the game deal with streaming the footage to your 120hz+ monitor? Do you watch the player play at 120fps or just 64?
    If it’s the former option that’s the case: If I move my aim 90 degrees in one server tick, will you as a first person spectator see me move 45 degrees in the direction during two frames?

    i.e. Does the game fill out the information sent from the server to match your client-sided rendering speed?
    I apologize in advance if this question is retarded. It’s just something that I’ve been thinking about for a few days now.

    That is all, thank you.

  • I believe your PC is rendering at whatever FPS it is set at / capable of with whatever information is on hand at the time.

  • Clan servers are set to 128hz in CS GO, because it makes the whole game alot smoother in my experience

  • Developer

    So yeah, in Chivalry, your game is running its own simulation independent of the server. You can see this if you lose your connection to a server: pawns will keep moving in whatever direction they were travelling when you lost your connection. The server is only (by default) running at 30 Hz, and there’s also latency and whatnot to contend with, so things would look jerky and terrible if you only saw exactly what you’re getting out of the server.

    I’d assume Source games are similar, I don’t know of any FPS that doesn’t do some degree of client simulation / interpolation.

  • Yeah it does simulate / interpolate movement. Combined with the lag compensation / server side hit detection it’s noticeable on 33tick servers.

  • Thanks for the replies. Especially yours, Crusty!
    Besides confirming my suspicions, this will make fine backup for my soon to be written thesis about Chivalry. :)

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