A few suggestions for newcomers to feel welcome!

  • I have been playing games like Chivalry for as long as I can remember it, I loved mount and blade, and all of the DLC’s; gameplay is amazing and extremely realistic, I love that about it, but one small thing that many of these games lack, is the lack of UI, I know I know, it is supposed to as realistic as possible, but on the other hand when I kill someone I don’t want to constantly have my eyes on the top right corner to see if I actually did so, also I have no idea what is going on with the weapon unlocks, or what rank I am, I see a 7 on top of a weapon that I would like to use, what is that 7? level 7? rank 7? 7 kills?, how can I even check my level? I have a suggestion that there be something different that happens, something maybe small but still pop up to let you know that you have received kill points, and for the leveling system we should have an EXP bar or a level gauge in the class/weapon selection menu, just to see how well I am doing and how far I’m to unlocking this new greatsword, you know what I mean? Thanks for listening!

  • Developer

    Thanks for this! We will be making this clearer in future patches as I agree it feels a bit abstract at the moment. Appreciate your input and will look for you in the field!

  • I agree, but more UI features like suggested, while being enabled by default, should be easy to switch off at the menu. That’s my opinion at least, as even the current pop-ups tend to annoy me :P

    Also it would be nice if casualties and kills got recorded in the console, or maybe an alternative console so that the normal one doesn’t get clogged up. That wouldn’t just be nice for the players to keep track of who killed who and when, but also for administrators to see if anyone’s been on a teamkilling rampage while they were looking the other way.

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