Stuck Level Issue, Need Help!

  • I was level ‘39’ earlier today, joined a custom map match and leveled up the first kill I got (yay), not noticing that my rank on that server was glitched down to level ‘22’. Immediately after I leveled, I checked the player levels and realized that my level was ‘22’ instead of ‘40’. I shrugged it off as nothing, left the match and went to customize my characters, namely equipping the Black Hats (level 40 helmets). I had them unlocked, yet the first match I joined, my character level had been reverted to level 39, and my helmets all set to default. I checked the in-game customization and all the level 40 Black Hats had disappeared. Outraged, I left the match and checked my start screen customization, but the Black Hats were still there.

    So apparently, there has been some sort of glitch with my level because of leveling up with a glitched level 22 (when my rank had glitched in a custom map game), does anyone out there have any sort of fix? It’s not that big of an issue if I have to level back up to 40, but I’m more worried about the amount of experience I’ll need to level up again. Will I need the exp required to level to 41 now in order to level up to 40? Or is there some sort of fix out there for this problem?

    TL;DR - Leveled up to 40, rank glitched, reverted to 39, still have level 40 helmets, fix for this? Will I need more exp to level up to 40 now since I already have the level 40 helmets?

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