[WIP] Contest entry - Stonehold siege

  • Hello! This is a rather straightforward map at the moment, but I plan to add several flanking methods later in. The current running theme is a village sitting outside of a fortress resting on a mountain, the inside quarried away to give the defenders both the resources for their walls and the multi - leveled pathway that now rest there.

    The objectives:
    1: Bring the ram through the village to the first gate.
    2: Bring the ram further to take down the second gate (In the air, might do something else here)
    3: Slay the fort commander

    A rough draft over the terrain:

  • 3/13/14 - Update 1:
    After many unsuccessful attempts to model, I’ve decided to pursue the harder route, and am waiting for 3rd party written consent involving a static mesh set : http://udkresources.com/index.php/staticmesh/#comment - It’s the castle building set. Also using content already within the editor. (Meaning that I have finally been able to start on the actual building)

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