Some small options with impact

  • I Overhead Animations:
    Change the (3rd person) overhead animations in a way that your character doesn’t put the weapon behind his back and pulls it all the way to the front. Instead he should lift it above his head and then bring it down.
    Why? First - it looks strange and its not the way you would strike with the weapon in real life. It also causes people behind you to die from mysterious circumstances. Note that this would not remove reverse overheads but make them easier to parry and a little harder to perform as they basically start right in the victims face.
    II Lefthanded Option
    Provide an option (in configuration or customization) to make your character a lefty. Weapon is in the left hand, shields in the right and every animation is mirrored.
    Why? More options to play with. Right now right and left side function differently but you might enjoy them to be the other way around. Animations and timings stay the same (but mirrored). Might spice up combat a little bit.
    III Stances/Guards
    What?** Right now the idle position for all twohanded weapons is the side guard (+0.1s windup for alt swings). What about prividing different positions (as options similar to the lefthanded option above) that might change the timings slightly. Ideas for twohanded swords (might work for other weapons too): “Ochs” (stab windup -0.05s, slash windup +0.1s), “Pflug” (+0.05s windup for all swings), “vom Tach” (+0.1s slash windup, -0.05s overhead windup).
    Why? More options and variety - the impact should be less than the impact from adding alt swings but it gives some additional options and would help players to create their own playstyle.

    IV Alt Stab - Pommel/Handle Bash
    What? A very situational additional attack option. Very fast but very short ranged and unfeintable. Also can’t be comboed (can be comboed in but ends the combo) and suffers from increased recovery time on miss (to make it less spammable). Poor damage (blunt) but does flinch and has some knockback attached to it.
    Why? Again - more options. It would also help with facehugging when using a slow weapon both in offense (parry that dagger - bash his face and gain distance) and defense (he is winding up a heavy attack that may or may not be feinted - just bash his face). It also would give a proper handle bash instead of the one we got now.

  • You’re literally asking them to change the game entirely.

    No, these changes suck. And would take way too much development time.

  • These would be great changes, maybe for chivalry 2 =)

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