Stonehill kismet sequence missing?

  • Hello all,

    In an effort to brush up on some of what Torn Banner did with their objectives, I have been going through their kismet on each level and noticed something odd in regards to the first objective of StoneHill.

    When the map is played there is a sequence to hit the E key and ram the gate once the ram arrives. I have looked through all of the kismet and all of the game actors and have not been able to find this particular section and how it operates.

    Does anyone know if and where this is located or how they achieve this since the ram matinee appears to go straight to a completed objective once it arrives, which then feeds into the door destruction matinee sequence?

    All help is much appreciated. :nevreness:

  • Most of the official maps Kismet sequences are spaghettified to hell and back so I’m not surprised you’re confused. I think the code you’re looking for of the battering ram actor since the object is a AOC_Objective_BatteringRam rather than in InterpActor.

    The battering entry for AOC_Objective_BatteringRam takes in a target, a damage dealt and animation info, so it’s probably just baked into that actor.

    It’d be a similar process to the catapult and ballista

  • Thanks for your reply NATO.

    That is whats going on, I found properties having to do with the ram animation and its target. The last thing I am having trouble finding is how to make it fire when the ram reaches the end of its path, or it know it has reached the end. Have you messed with this at all by chance?

    I have looked for documentation for this but came up empty.

    I will keep poking around. A friend and myself want to enter the contest they started but want to have all of our ducks in a row before we commit.

    Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction with that actor.

  • Did you have any luck with this btw? I’ve hit the same snag. I hadn’t really taken a hard look into the issue and made an assumption that turned out to be false.

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