[WIP] AOCALL-Desertoasis - Fortification Entry

  • So I decided I wanted to try my hand at Chivalry mapping and after thinking about what kind of map I wanted to make I boot up Chivalry and discover there’s a mapping contest. So this shall be my entry.

    Malric sympathisers have recently split from the Agathian ranks during King Argon’s crusade to form the Mason Order. Few in number after a pitched battle in the holy city, the remaining men march to a hidden valley containing an ancient city to set up camp. Only accessible by sea through a small cove and by the ancient city’s mine tunnels, the valley contains a more important feature in this desolate land. A reliable source of fresh water. With such advantages the ruined city becomes their base of operations. While The Order are out raiding for supplies the Agathian army discover the valley by sea, raze the Mason camp and set up theirs to lie in wait of the returning Masons.

    Mason’s are attacking, Agathians are Defending.

    1. Agathians push a Petard into the Tunnel Systems to collapse them to trap and kill the returning Masons.
    2. TBA

    (Yes I am aware the attackers are stopping a cart. I assume I can set up the Kismet so that if the cart doesn’t get there it proceeds to the next objective. If you think it’s silly to have the attackers defending and the defenders attacking for an objective then go back to playing AOCFFA-Arena3_p with 400 ping.)

    I still haven’t decided on the rest of the objectives but possibilities are:
    For the Masons to poison the oasis as it is of no use to them with the valley discovered.
    For the Masons to recover the gold, weapons, wooden cows, supplies of their camp by attacking the Agathian’s camp.
    For the Masons to destroy the Agathian Camp.
    For the Masons to capture and then defend the city from the Agathian reinforcements and/or those tailing them from their raid (ei. double sided assault on the city).
    For the Mason’s to do X then flee to safety (not sure how to implement, maybe have half your team in an exit tunnel/ destroy gate to run away).

    The chosen objectives will probably be a mix of these, for example to defend the city while recovering supplies and then fleeing.

    Map Time
    I was originally planning on making LTS maps so I was hoping to design the map with symmetrical portions for this use. With symmetrical maps TD, KOTH and CTF can all feature (maybe twice for the same map) as well with FFA. With symmetrical portions of the map the possibility exists for funky deviations of these. For example LTS could be set up with the first game in the city, then depending who wins, the next game could be closer to the tunnels or the Agathian ships depending on who wins. The map will then play with something of a match point system where you have to push the other team off the map.

    Eg. [Agathian match point(tunnels)]|[Neutral (City)]|[Mason match point(Harbour)]
    If you lose your match point it returns to the city. If you win the City it goes to your match point. If you win in your match point you win the game.

    I am mentioning that one because I am unsure on how I want the rest of the map to look so I don’t know if there will be three symmetrical sections or just two and whether I will be able to implement it. So feel free to steal that idea if you want.

    Actual Map Time:
    There is a reason there is [WIP] in the tag:

    This is the more completed half of the first half. Ignore half of the stuff on the other side of the lake.
    Almost everything is in a stage of successive half completeness.

    If I am breaking the map up to multiple sections for LTS/KOTH/TD etc. then I need to add lots of cows.

    This is my mad paint SK!11Z showing the planned symmetry of the first section, and the city (far less complete) right down to the death traps.
    Also showing is my inability to spell symmetry and keep track of colours. The light yellow is to show higher ground areas.

  • Death pits are fun. Looks good so far.

  • Hey, I am working on a map but I am somewhat new to UDK and I am still having some troubles with the materials.

    On that note, I really really like the look of your landscape. Did you some how manage to copy it from Ruins? Or did you create your own using the included textures? I am curious because my map is also desert themed and I am having trouble making the landscape look nice like yours.


  • Can you change cart pushing with a player who must take some bombs and drop it ? It is more original and there is no map on the game with that. Or you must drop bombs into the empty cart before pushing it. There are exemple or ideas. ( if it is possible to make )

  • Sorry for not answering your question sooner or updating with progress but I haven’t had much time between mapping and uni.
    I am not sure how I could have the agathians place explosive barrels without getting in to madding the game. Something I don’t have the skill to do. All what I could think of doing would be reskinning the torches or capture flag and then have the agathians have to “capture” or “light” the objective by getting their with a powder barrel or throwing one on. With that approach all what I see is animation glitch galore.
    The Landscape material is one of my own creation from the textures that come with the SDK.
    This is my setup:

    My map is almost all done, I just have to go through double, triple and quadruple checking collision, lighting, optimisation and general cleanup before I split it up into its derivatives and set up the kismet. Hopefully I can start that today and get FFA/TD/LTS done so I can test the map over the weekend.

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