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    Hi all

    This is my third try to make a map.

    I need to change the images, the map looks very different and better looking.

    The objectives:

    Atackers (Agatha):

    • First : Build a camp near the quay. (Now 7 Tents)
      (secondary objective destroy the cave (mason spawn pont) if you do this, masons will apear further.(Easy for Agatha).

    • Second: Open the Gate .
      Agathians will need to place ladders and open the door.
      (secondary objective) There are a further door that can be breached to place a secondary spawn (flank masons), it’s realatively easy to do, but in addiction it’s easy to defend.

    .Third objective

    • Save the condemned on the castle hall destoying the guillotine and the gallow (gibbet).
      (secondary objective)Agatha could knock the doors (hitting or using (E)).
      A Garrison will apear in every house. When all of the garrison will be recruited, 2 better warriors will appear near the church to defend the punishing Machines.
    • Last Objective
      Capture every zone.
      Stay and capture, there are 4 diferent zones, Stable, Dungeon, Courtyard and Throne Room.

    Every time a Zone is captured, masons have 1 Second penalty to respawn.

    I changed the Steam Workshop item to avoid the problems with old files

    Now the name of the map is

    Reconquest map


    I will do some changes and reupload the last version, thanks!

  • (old)

    Hi! I will post some images to the progress.
    I just started with the kismet today.
    To start, I will place the last objective (destroy the killing instruments) first, only to test easy objectives.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey, I could be wrong about this, but I was under the impression that for a map to be eligible in the contest it must be an original creation. Modifying Moor would not be an original. You may want to look into this before you get too far into your project, otherwise you may not be eligible for contest entry. You can always make it for fun though! I have always wanted an objective map for Moor as well!

  • Thank you for the advertisement!

    I’ve searched into the rules and I did’nt found nothing about it.
    But could be possible because my English is poor and I lost it.
    I hope that some official Torn Banner will say a word about it.

  • i think that you should be able to proceed with this map if you have given it your own twist, looks like you have

  • Just PM someone from TB and ask 'em.


    “All maps must be comprised of only original content created by the Entrant(s), or content already contained in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare SDK (1). That means that no part of the map, including but not limited to, models, entities, audio files, textures or any other content can be taken, derived or ported from any other game or third party map. Any use of previous Chivalry community/mod maps must be by the original owner, or with the express written permission of the owner (2). Maps must be playable on the retail version of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and be easy to install and load.”

    What I understand (I hope I am not wrong)

    (1) all inside the SDK its usable, including original maps.
    (2) The Moor original map I taked from a post of an Torn Banner employer, and inside the post he says that we can make modified versions of it.

  • I stand corrected. I had misremembered the line about content already included in Chivalry. My mistake! Good luck on your map! I have always thought some sort of objective focused around the large bridge on Moor would be very fun.

  • I will re-iterate the pm just for public reference.

    You can use Moor assets.
    You cannot use the layout withing the play space. A background is fine, but all layouts and design must be original.

    All playable space must be unique.

  • Great ! Some original objectives !

  • I ’ m redesigning all of the map.

    The map Lost the Ship system because the people said me that the alternative is a too long way (and bad collision way).

    I wanted to use the ships but it’s a nonsense if you reach the obective faster running than going with boats.

    Now is Prettier and more (realistic) town inside first walls.

    The Ladders are need to (use) to be built and Masons need to hit Ladders to throw it to the Ground.

    • 1rt Objective: Agatha need to create a camp in front of the walls. Mason have a supercloser spawnpoint but could be destroyed and near has a (atalaya) with a Ballista that adds a strategic point to the map.

    • 2nd Objective: Agatha need to open the Door capturing the Crank room. to reach that room they need to raise ladders and / or destroy a secondary door in the port (that adds some spawns) and go inside the wall stairs.

    • 3rd Objective: Agatha needs to destroy the Killing machines.

    • 4rt and Last Objective: Agatha needs to capture every zone of the Castle, there are 4, Courtyard, Throne Room, Dungeon, and Stable, thinking on add other Zone.

    I want to add some Special Objectives to Mason, like the old Wildfred or something.

    I need to take pictures of the map, but Steam F12 doesn’t works and its a pain work

  • More changes added.

    Deleted the “cart” objective, it’s too usual.

    Opened the lake into a sea, ships will enter the map trying to not to be destroyed by the rocks and the ballistas (I dont know how to place ballistas in game).

  • I dont know why, but my map worked correctly but suddenly have appeared some errors when I “play on editor window”.

    Problem 1: On the right red mark. Without any blocking volume or mesh or landscape, there is a magical stair that force me to up that (magical stair) and the player cant go througth the map normally.

    Problem 2: On the Red spyral. It’s nearly the same but the player can move normally, but when I atack there is some magical blocking volume that stops the atack.

    Problem 3: Yellow marks. You can’t select this objects. It’s like I pressed “CSG add” with brushes on the air. ¿How I can delete it?

    Some of you know how to solve it?
    (there is other threat asking the same)
    Thank you in advance!!!

    I take the oportunity to show an actual pic of the map.

  • You will have to re-import the hightmap if you can. I’m not sure if you can if you are still using the MOore map. That solved our issue with number one. WE had a problem of walking into things that were not actually there so we exported the heightmap and then re-imported it and it all worked out. Be careful though because it is possible to lose your textures, it happened to me once but I actually had another save to work from. Idk about the others, haven’t ran into those problems. maybe that will help

  • You should be able to just drag you BSP brush over the large floating blue/white objects and then press the subtract BSP button. I believe its hotkey is shift+S or ctrl+S.

    Make you builder brush pretty large, like 2000x2000 then drag it up to where the floating BSP structures are and subtract from them.

    I have the same problem where my BSP brush randomly adds when I don’t want it to. Maybe I am pressing the hotkey on mistake? I dunno. Good luck!

  • There was like 20 or more BSP blue and yellow meshes all over the map!
    I needed to go to “Brush wireframe” not only Wireframe mode.

    I dont know what was 1.
    Only remains the 2nd problem
    I have a lot of meshes apearing and disapearing and matinee movements on this place, it could be just this.

    Thank you all!

    And I’m not using the Moor landscape, the map is all changed.

  • I have all objectives working!
    I’m goint to Cook the map.

    I odnt know how to do the same map for Free for all, last team standing or other modes. I’ll start with TO

  • Added Blocking volumes, Trees (for the forest area), and improved the shadows (less dark)

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