Post 12th Oct Patch Issues

  • Ok, so yesterday’s patch must have contained a lot of work in it: balancing issues, GUI tweaks, and so on. As is the nature of these things, tweaking one thing may have a knock-on effect on something else. Here are two issues I have seen so far (others may extend this thread if they find others):

    Scoreboard - now shows “The team is victorious” - but has dropped which one it is. From the looks of things, the message is aligned to the right column of the table above, when in this row the internal cells need to be merged and the message centered.

    Killfeed - I had a javelin kill that showed as a shield icon.

    I’ll add a video link containing these issues once it’s done uploading.

  • If you kill with the jav shield bash overhead it will show the shield icon. Same if you kill with a shield bash using F I believe, but since it only does 5 damage that’ll be difficult to check.

  • I didn’t use those - it was a thrown javelin. Sorry, should have specified that.

  • Yea we know :) Slight bug. Sorry about that.

    About the “THe team is victorious” I believe that only happens in FFA. Works properly in TO I believe.

  • Coolio. The damage it was doing looked correct- it was just the icon.

    Vid’s up now. VYO5VbE3644 and the timeframes are 06:50 to 08:30 and 11:00 for the jav kills that show several jav kills clearly dealing more than 5 damage. Don’t need the scoreboard timeframe anymore :D

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