Conquest mode?!

  • Someone should make a set of maps (3 or 4 or 5) with the conquest gamemode…

    If nobody knows it from battlefield, basically, two teams have a resource number, or, tickets if you will.

    Around the map are many capture points.

    The team with the majority of the points captured will cause ticket or resource bleed on the other team

    Killing enemies counts towards 1 ticket

    Capture points have 3 stages, neutral, controlled by enemy, and controlled by ally

    There should be a circular icon above the capture point showing which objective it is (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, etc) and a circular bar or meter around it, indicating the progress on the capping of the point.

    When a team owns a point, they have the option to spawn on it in the respawn screen (may be the hardest thing to add, the ability to select where you spawn, and a map to select it from)

    The team who wins is the team with the most tickets when the time runs out, or the team that bleeds the enemies tickets dry.

    I think this would be hella fun for chivalry, along with some really good and well thought out maps to go with it. Just an idea. Maybe someone will do it for the contest?

  • I could totally code that in Kismet. I already have A B C D type of objectives working and TBS has a ticket system in their example maps.

    I was thinking of doing it like TF2 where its 5 CP.

    one side starts with A B
    C is a neutral capture point
    the other side starts with D E

    and the team with the most capture points at the end of the round, or the team that has all the capture points wins

    Wait I just had an idea of how to fix LTS competitively.

    Capture point as an optional objective. Valve has stated that they always include a capture point in one life game modes to keep the fighting focused and prevent camping. Unlike KotH the point does not unlock until after a minute.

  • i already have something like this working with dynamic flag capture

  • Awesome. Hope it turns out well!

  • I just recently started working on a Conquest map using TO as the base gametype. It’s fairly simple to setup using dynamic triggers and checking for contested points. It sounds similar to CRUSHED’s idea.

  • conquest would be so cool,
    but you would need to implement horses and buggies and other vehicles to really do it right and add that epic feel it should have, or it will be some long slow hiking at the stock game speed I fear.

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