[WIP] Contest entry - Stonehold siege - Take 2

  • Sorry, but my computer has freaked out and I cannot do anything with the last thread. So I’ve decided to make a more thorough one here. If someone could remove the other, I would be very appreciative.

    As the Agathians fled from a recent defeat, they found themselves at the doorstep of a duke who had until then managed to avoid the war, in no small part because the only entrance was through a tunnel. Agreeing to shelter the army, it was only a few short weeks later that the mason spies brought forth the siege army, trapping both the agathian army and the dukes forces inside. With the recent tunnel collapse, though, the mason order has been pressed to storm the fortress in a desperate bid for the little remaining resources inside the valley.

    1. Take out the town gate with the ram, or with the Batista (I’m hoping on something along the lines of a much more durable version of the barricades that protect the royal families)
    2. Destroy the barricade blocking the mountain pass
    3. Slay the Agathian Commander

    1.Stop the ram
    2. Hold the cliffs (Where the pass is)
    3. Protect the Commander (Who is planned to be a combat ai as of this moment, may make it a player, give me your opinion)

    Here’s a rough sketch of the first objective, which is nearing completion:

    The Red lines represent what I believe will be the main flow of Mason, but is only projection of how I envision them acting. They could find a new way, who knows?

    While I’m rather new to Udk, and this type of mapmaking in general, I hope to live up to chivalry’s proud title (Be it the mod or the game)

  • Ok, after some major fixes on terrain (It was out of scale) , I’ve decided that I’m going to update my map by stages:

    1 - Terrain: Basic terrain editing, getting the canvas right for the map - Mostly done now, needs detailing as the buildings go in, but the general concept is complete. Will work on uploading an overhead pic

    2 - Build: The actual plopping of buildings, mostly recycling older bits already in there. Already got a village planned, a bailey past the first gate, plus many cliff side structures to both provide archers and melee more cover from ranged attacks, giving defenders less of an op advantage of being on a cliff in the first place.

    3 - Mechanics: This is the part where I figure out how to make everything flow and work. Mostly things like the ram + Gate and the assassination. Thankfully there are some tutorials for that Whew

  • You used terrain? Supposed to use landscape. Otherwise major Alt tabbing issues.

  • Try to block out your map first with the basics of what you need. get it working and tested with real people and THEN you can start on making it look nice. You don’t want to have a sexy looking map that is not fun or balanced.

    Try to do it in this order.

    Basic layout > Mechanics > Test with people > Remake layout > Test > Fix the small issues > Replace block-ins with proper assets or temporary assets > Test again > Finalize map

    You may not need to do all those tests, but its a seriously good idea to get as much critique and feedback as you can and if people say its a bad map, ask them why! don’t just ignore them. (Its a mistake i made in the past) Ask for honest opinions.

    You can pretty up the parts of your map that you are confidant with, but try leave it open to change, so leave the small details till last because any changes to the terrain will mess things up (Also, dont be afraid of going crazy with terrain changes)

    Well, i hope my advice helps anyone who reads this. Not much of it is relevant to this topic, but its good stuff to know anyway!

  • Some original objectives ! Hum

  • @lemonater47:

    You used terrain? Supposed to use landscape. Otherwise major Alt tabbing issues.

    In this case, “terrain” doesn’t equal “Terrain”. He probably just meant the definition of terrain(a synonym being “Landscape”), not that he literally meant using the “Terrain” tool.

  • Thank you for all the helpful advice! Honestly, not ashamed to admit this, but this is my first time with udk at all, and I didn’t even know about the landscape until you said something. Thankfully you’ve saved me from a terrible mistake, and I must agree, I’ll work on a testing version first thing. And again, thank you for the save.

  • Updated original post, map upload, 2nd soon to come. Actually using landscape now :\

  • Are the agathians and Masons ALWAYS spawning from those two spots? It might be good to have progressing spawn points as the objectives occur. Maybe I’m missing that…?

  • I agree with shrogg and that’s what everyone should do. Try focus on mechanic, kismet (getting the ram playing can tricky - less with now the example)

  • The map is only the first section. There are two more stages, and the spawns will progress onwards as the objectives are completed. I only posted this map to provide an example of the current objective (The one up needs updating, and the second one is almost ready for visual posting)

  • Putting this out here before I begin Kismet - What would you prefer for the first objective: A destructible gate that will take certain weapons for damage (Large ones, like the knight’s heavy axes, and Batista, catapults are iffy since you couldn’t make that shot without a miracle) Or a double capture with the gatehouse and mid wall fortification? I’d be fine with either, but until I get a few answers, I’ll work on making some of the siege engines work

  • I personally like the idea of a twin capture. I like capture objectives because it changes the role of the attacker into a defender, if only for a short while, and that spices up gameplay. Ballistas to destroy the wall seems kind of boring, unless you did it similar to Citadel, where you have to work your way up to the ballistas before you can use them.

  • I must agree. The Batista is placed where both attacker and defender can freely use it, and instead of doing 1 or the other, I’m doing a twin capture where the gate can be destroyed, and a second pass will have a destroy-able barricade, allowing for two distant defense points, making this a fairly difficult objective. However, the mason’s spawns are fairly distant in compare, might move a few closer once the gate is destroyed. The section marked as a barracks will server for that, along with a house I’ve thrown near the entrance to the serpent’s pass

  • Almost made the kimset work this time round. Haven’t figured out the siege weapons yet, but still trying. Also thinking about moving the first Agatha spawns out of the walls, or making it worth their while too, as they would otherwise end up camping safely. Other than that, first stage will be ready when:

    1. I have the gate and barrier destroy-able.
    2. Siege engines work.
    3. A bit of lighting

    If you have any ideas on bringing the Agathians out from the wall, I’d love to hear them! If not, I’m going to simply advance the spawns after the Mason’s reach a certain distance (Most likely the wall itself, or the minor platform just ahead of it.) This will give Agathians a reason to fight outside the wall, since they would otherwise be trying to hold an objective with both a Balista and catapult lined against them. also, new objective 1 upload!

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