New EU Server up

  • Lions 24/7 TO MELEE ONLY | 500 TICK

    ^new server up for people who want quality pings/lagfree gameplay and dont want to get annoyed by archer betas

    24slots, 100% teamdamage, 3rd person enabled, no archer allowed

    maplist: darkforest,stoneshill,battlegrounds,darkforest,hillside,stoneshill,battlegrounds

    enjoy, if u arent a random joe and ask nicely u can get admin pw

  • Wat no citadel?

  • @afiNity:

    Wat no citadel?

    yeah shit i forgot citadel


  • Put some custom maps in there, the amount of EU servers running custom maps atm is a bit scarce atm.

  • You forgot to put FFA-Arena in the list too. (chuckle)

  • Nice, will join later!

  • Put your compmap not the official map genius, do something new, go at the end of your logic, smooth gameplay, no lag etc

  • Gone. /10c


    Unfortunately our servers got disabled so if we dont find another server with good pings for everyone and good tickrate this tourney is dead

    We’re trying to scrap some money together for a 12 slot multiplay server


    Let me elaborate.
    The 500tickrate, how fun it is, is heavy, REALLY heavy. Yes the server runs smooth as lube, but it also takes about 4 times more than normal.

    The problem was, naturally everyone else wanted such a server, which I failed to think about at the time.
    However if everyone gets such a server, the servers would be over capacity amazingly fast.

    I can’t really keep one 500tickrate going if everyone is going to want one, it’s one or all. I cannot do 500tickrate at the same price as I do it now. The new price would be about 4 times higher if I want to actually keep the same levels of margins here.
    So yeah, 4 times higher price for 16 times the performance. Crushed didn’t agree, so it all ran amok.

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