Sort servers by ping by default

  • Quite a few people don’t know what a ping is or they don’t care and click a random server. Servers are filled with people having pings greater than 100. Quick solution would be to sort servers by ping unless the user clicks another sorting.

  • Unfortunately that would list tons of empty servers and people would just sort by playercount.
    It would be better if by default the ping filter was set to 150 or something.

  • You’re right, but something along these lines would help tremendously. Maybe just show non-empty servers and sort them by ping by default. That’s how I choose my server too.

  • A lot of people play with 100+ ping and <30 fps, and think the game is garbage

  • Do something like this. Too many idiots don’t know what ping is and just join servers across continents. Then they complain about laggy gameplay, get kicked, uninstall the game and don’t recommend to any friends, etc.

    A default ping limiter of 150 like what Dudeface said would help tremendously. Of course it needs to be able to be toggled on/off.

  • They also often accuse each other of hacking, pretty funny actually.

  • @Eic:

    They also often accuse each other of hacking, pretty funny actually.

    “XxXBitchezOnMaD1ckXxX just teleported and killed me!!2!11!5 Kick him for lag hakn!!!”

    “HoseB4Broz is teleporting all over teh map kick him!”


    “HE’S A RACIST ****** BAN HIM!!111!”

  • I agree with all of the above… mostly. I had that idea a while ago but if fell on deaf ears. Still a great idea to sort by ping by default.

  • They added ping limits as an option to all servers couple patches ago right? Why not set a default limit to ping? I think 150 would be a good number. 150 ping isn’t the best, but it’s still playable. I don’t get why all games with server browsers games get ping limits by default.

  • 150 isn’t a good number, 100 by default. Unless your opponent’s got like 20 ping 100-150 is way to high, friggen client based hitdetection. I’m sick and tired of people with 112 ping teleporting around and no one wants to kick them because other games got serverbased hitdetecion and other measurments to prevent the high pingers from lagging.

  • Almost everyone sorts by ping so might as well make it the default

  • I sort by playercount. If Chivalry would save my serverbrowser-settings I would be so happy though.

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