• Whenever I face a really good jav player they are always using the light jav. Always.

    Do the javs need another rebalance? I think maybe it’s time for another discussion regarding them.

  • As a guy who often uses Vanguards in duels, I feel you. 6 spears being chucked at your unshielded torso pretty much guarantees something’s gonna hit.

  • They are pretty amazing. But poos in melee. They are good against vanguards and that’s about it.

  • I only know one good jav player that uses the short ones and only one that uses heavy, the rest use the regular ones. But yeah without a shield you’re pretty much screwed if someone play javs unless they suck and miss. Javs deal to much damage and are way to easy to use imo.

  • they are pretty overpowered atm, massive damage output and survivability against other archers with the buckler for barely any effort whatsoever, needs a nerf for sure

  • @lemonater47:

    They are pretty amazing. But poos in melee. They are good against vanguards and that’s about it.

    because it’s pretty hard to press 2

    I <3 short spear… ez mode initiate!

  • I disagree with this. Javelins are high risk-high reward weapons and that’s what they should be. Not OP.

    Their melee combat is fairly limited. Miss 1 throw from up close and you’re guaranteed to take a lot of damage, and archers already have the armor rating of a smurf.

    And as far as I’m concerned the only Javelin I find viable is the regular one. The short javelins may have more ammo and better recoveries but their melee range is pathetic and as javelineer you rely on 1-shot kills, something that the short javelins will make very difficult.

  • On the other hand there are only like 3 good jav players in this game

  • @afiNity:

    On the other hand there are only like 3 good jav players in this game

    3? wut?
    I’ve seen rank 20’s that might suck at melee, but they’ll never miss their javs.

  • I think you eventually come into situations where you cannot avoid being hit. Therefor the damage output is ridiculous. Plus the archer can just wait for the melee class to come really close, if they´re not completely retarded they should hit you at least once. Imo the stab damage is also too high, the shorter range compared to bows/crossbows does not make up for this.

  • actually everyone and their left mother is using javs now because they realized how easy it is to hit shit and do massive damage

  • Short Spears are the most “archery” javelins and the best if you really want to go fully ranged. And a good user of them is the bane of any Vanguard. Throwing them at maximum rate also gives you a damage output that is unmatched.

    The other two choices have much better melee capabilities and are more effective against lighter classes. The basic Javelin is a good choice against other Archers as you can oneshot them making it a viable assault choice. With the Heavy Javelin you are a almost a light melee class that also got a few short ranged nukes. Oneshotting MaA is pretty nice but its wasted if you don’t use its melee capabilities (actually most good Javelin players I met used the Heavy Javelin).

    So the Short Spears are hybrid with focus on ranged support, the Javelin is a true hybrid and the Heavy Javelin is a hybrid that leans towards melee fighting.

    Javelins are balanced out with their low ammo count and their short range that forces you into melee situations much more often. It also makes shields more effective against Javelins. They are by no means to strong as you can’t combo and the reach is not that impressive (though I admit that handle hits and the backstab bonus make them silly at times).

  • Javelins competitively are pretty niche, using Javelins means you aren’t using Crossbow/Warbow so if the enemy has an archer its going to be tough.

    That being said the firerate and burst damage is amazing for rushes.

    The buckler does not protect you enough against archers, its trivial to get a foot shot on a javelineer with Bow/Crossbow.

  • Javelineer is a very offensive weapon class for the Archers, and a good Anti-archer setup because they come with a deadly thrown spear and decent projectile cover. Combine that along with zig-zagging and all that kind of crazy manouvers, and the chance of being shot down is pretty low.

    Javelineer spot on the battlefield is sort of together with the melee force, as they will mostly rely on attacking very close to the enemy due to the big drop down on the spears they throw.

    To sort of nerf and still maintain javelineers as a viable setup, I’d suggest that the Javelin melee part gets a complete remake so that it won’t be so awkward as it is right now, as for Throwing part, should sort of be as always, though a higher recovery/reload should be implanted, not that much but a tiny bit more.

    Then there is this so called ‘Javelin flinch’, when being struck during reload phase, you’ll first get flinched, then you’ll continue with the reload phase before you can do anything, which can last around 1.5 seconds, should it stay or be removed? I think it is a good way to punish javelin throws that were attempted to be shotgunned.

    Also, a tiny bit of ground speed reduction after throwing a javelin so that javs can’t just be thrown, and then they just run or jump back to try throwing / shotgunning another. (maybe that will be solved if reload speed was increased)

    As for balancing it statwise.
    I’d say reducing the Thrown Shortpear’s Base damage from 105 > 95/90, that will make the Shortspear still hurt a lot when being thrown, but won’t have a too high damage for a fast thrown spear projectile weapon, also makes other javelins more viable.

    Javelin’s throwing base damage should be turned down from 115 > 111, it will maintain the 1HTK on Archers which is one of the only reasons why it would be used, just that the overall damage is reduced.

    Heavy Javelin / Pilum could keep its base damage, though another change I’d propose is if Torn Banner perhaps look into increasing the projectile speed and gravity a tiny bit so that the range for Javelins could be slightly increased, and made more reliable to be thrown or aimed with at distance, but maybe more damage reduction would be neccesary if its accuracy were to be increased, that’s my suggestions atleast.

  • Javelin flinch imho is the only thing holding Javelins back from being a serious competitor to Warbow/Crossbows.

  • Warbow is a joke compared to javs

  • @50ShadesofClay:

    because it’s pretty hard to press 2

    I <3 short spear… ez mode initiate!

    Its a bit hard to press 2 when they are right there.

    And then you have the buckler. So you have to push 3 or push 2 again.

  • Honestly I don’t find javelins all that OP.
    Especially not the short spears. One thing that DOES bug me though, is that’s it’s only artificially faster.

    With that I mean it’s the same scenario as with the claymore. It doesn’t swing/throw “faster”, it just skips a lot of animation frames instead. Really hard to predict when to dodge the short spear this way.

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