No servers, all filters off

  • I’m not seeing any servers. This happens about 1 out of 10 times I try to play it, and has been for several months.

    I see a friend is playing, but when I click to join him from the Steam overlay it does nothing.

    What would cause the server list to not populate? I’ve tried restarting and pings to are coming back fine, all other websites tested work fine and quickly as well.

  • This game is dying, I almost choose something else to play most of the time anyways. When I can’t join any servers it makes it impossible, I’m about to stop wasting my time trying.

  • I’m only on here because the same thing just happened to me, is the game having trouble?

  • Me too

  • Yeah how about adding in a message that tells people when servers are down like most other responsible software programmers do, so we don’t waste our free time troubleshooting something that’s on your end.

    I was finally able to get some to show but the selection of servers with good ping on the west coast is terrible. I finally got in a game and everyone had 80 pings which isn’t all that bad but we were all teleporting randomly and ghost swinging and getting hit without seeing the other player swing.

    Fix your servers please, you still charge people $25 for the game and try to trick them into buying your POS broken DLC for full price. I’ve had it on my wishlist since it was released and it’s not been on sale once. After hearing how much everyone dislikes it I’m amazed you don’t just give it to us with the purchase of the game that barely works itself.

  • Flush your DNS on your computer.
    Start/type CMD into search <enter>/ In the CMD window, type: ipconfig /flushdns</enter>

  • Thanks for the tip I just tried it because it came back again today, no servers showing.

    Appreciate you taking the time to share, hope it’ll let me play cuz I need to slaughter some bitches haha.

  • This game has been failure after failure for over a year now…


    Steam is experiencing issues right now.

  • LOL, Steam’s always down. Or at least way too frequently as of late, especially considering it’s a distribution platform supposed to host servers for, distribute and provide service for, over 3000 games.

  • Steam’s back up but the servers aren’t???

  • @PissedOffConsumer:

    This game has been failure after failure for over a year now…

    The game had been a failure from June/July (whenever the patch hit, that’s before my time) to December. Since then we’ve seen nothing but awesome communication and awesome patches. I don’t know what you’re being so pessimistic about.

  • @Tummeh:

    Steam’s back up but the servers aren’t???

    Try restarting Steam? I was just playing on a custom map server for an hour with a bunch of guys from the subreddit.

  • @PissedOffConsumer:

    This game has been failure after failure for over a year now…

    Speak it with Mr. Newell :D

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