[WIP] Fortification Contest Level - Ante Meridiem

  • Name of map is tentative.

    The basic premise is after a long night of besieging a castle city, The Masons will press forward at dawn for the final moments of battle. For Agatha, after a long night of protecting it’s citizens and repelling the Masons, the survivors must make a final stand and prevent the Masons from reaching the inner walls.

    Objective 1
    Get the Ram up the hill and at the front gate of the city to bring down the outer castle wall door.

    Objective 2
    Once through the door lay waste to all city buildings and townsfolk who reside within the walls.

    Objective 3
    Find and kill the king inside his keep (this will also require you to burn down or lower a door for the inner wall)

    I am still moving and playing with the Objective 2 and 3 stuff. I want to find a progression that makes sense and is fun for both teams.

    The order of operations is to get all the kismet hooked up and running while laying in some basic blockout. Once that’s at a good point we will block out the game play spaces at a more granular level. After those two phases comes laying in the art and meshing the level.

    WIP screens to come soon.

    Taragrin & Imb3nt

  • So here are a couple things I am currently tackling.

    I want the ram to wind up the horseshoe bend but give options for agatha to come through the forest without giving them a distinct advantage. Making a forest that can be memorized so when your backing up in battle has been a challenge as well, but welcomed and fun.

    One of the things I am also playing with us using the early morning sun to allow the masons to see the silhouettes of agatha if say there are archers along the top of the ridge shooting through the forest so you can easily see them and know where they are.

    Coupled with those issues I am trying to make sure site lines in the forest are open to allow for melee in the forest as well as being able to see where the ram is. Plopping down trees randomly looks and plays poorly which is driving the clumps. I just don’t want people in fights to get hung up on things so I will keep playing with this as time goes on.

    The total ram time takes about 2 and half minutes to get up the hill which was pretty standard for most maps. This can turn into 10-15 easily depending on how people choose to attack or defend.

    Cheers! =)

  • Hey all,

    Not dead yet, but been moving lots of things around design wise and getting all the kismet functional and spawn point balanced along with AI working. Here are the updates to the 3 objectives in current states. Still no “real” art. :) I hope to have the map baked and fully playable by this weekend with some bugs still around and there will be some gray box but hope to get some feed back from it despite the look.

    I have swapped over to a twin point capture in the 3rd sequence where banners will be raised in a courtyard built out kind of like a atrium and then the other point will live in the throne room.

    Ram Objective

    Peasant Objective

    Capture Objective

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