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  • This topic is not primarily about techncal issues or balance but just about areas where the games is currently lacking or not as good as it could/should be and where I would like to see some improvement. Priorities differ of course - e.g. duel interface should be high priority, customization colors low priority.

    1 Duel Mode

    • you can’t see the chat all the time
    • interface causes the chat to disappear/freeze etc.
    • customization has to be applied by hand
    • you can’t see your own ping
    • interface change
    • embedded chat
    • show latency for each player
    • customization activates by default
      2 Allied Privileges**
    • players won’t get flinched when hit by allies (causes flinch lock or “throwing attacks”)
      (- damage from allies is 50% lower)
    • allied bubble is smaller (you can create pathways for allies where enemies can’t follow)
    • complete bubble removal OR
    • bubble reduction but bubble also applies ti
    • addition of allied flinch
      3 Crossbow Setups**
    • its possible too look up while reloading negating the intended vision loss
    • its possible to start reloading while jumping/falling
    • Pavise blows up randomly when placed
    • Pavise blows up on owner death
    • Pavise blows up after being hit by a few arrows
      (- Crossbow reload times way too fast)
    • forced lookdown on reload OR
    • revised reload animations to make clear lookups are intended
    • reload requires standing still to start
    • Pavise overhaul
      4 Collision**
    • bubble around enemy players
    • jumping on or next to somebodies head makes you bounce off
    • crouching does not change vertical environment collision
    • you get stuck next to obstacles
    • you can’t move through gaps clearly wide enough (e.g. between some tombstones on Stoneshill)
    • getting stuck in various map spots
    • bubble reduction/removal
    • make it possible to stand on peoples heads (flat collision) OR
    • make you slide off peoples heads (cone collision)
    • crouch causes environment collision box to shrink (vertically)
    • much smaller enironment collision box (horizontal directions)
    • further map collision optimization

    5 Tracers

    • hitting people behind you or to your side while using stab (spears/javelins)
    • hitting people with your handle when very close for full damage (twohanded, especially polearms)
    • Buckler strike tracers don’t match the animation (Heater strike is allright)
    • kick lacks proper tracers (big issue when the target is on different elevation)
    • attacks go right through poles/trees when close to them
    • projectiles disappear after owner dies
      (- shield bash does not deflect melee attacks)
      (- barely scratching attacks do full damage)
    • remove handle tracers OR
    • reduce damage on handle hits OR
    • remove handle tracers but add a handle strike attack
    • proper tracers for Buckler strikes, kicks and shield bash
    • collision tracers for player arms
    • make projectiles always fly to the end (just like ballista/catapult projectiles)

    6 Content

    • main gamemode (TO) only has very few maps
    • most TDM, CTF and KotH maps are just recycled LTS maps (thus lack proper attributes)
    • siege weapon destruction is pointless because they respawn almost instantly
    • the way customization works makes customizing shields wonky (you only see one choice per class)
    • no face customization (people look alike without helmet)
    • no crimson red, navy blue, reddish brown or greyish green
      (- unusable siege weapons/fire pits)
    • more officially supported TO maps (like making the contest winners part of the base package)
    • more true TDM maps (center of action should not be one teams spawn area)
    • more true CTF maps (proper base for flag and separate spawn areas)
    • more true KotH maps (where holding the area actually makes sense instead of having some wooden planks in the middle of nowhere)
    • drasticaly increased siege weapon respawn
    • separate customization for each shield choice
    • beards, hair, hair color, tatoos etc.
    • one or two more base colors for teams (4 right now)
    • more color choices in general

  • @Evil:

    Make it possible to stand on peoples heads (flat collision)

    On maps with large elevation changes, such as ruins, this would make it possible to make large towers of people if they all jumped off and onto each others heads. Absolutely rediculous.

    I support this.

  • -Damage from fire pots and siege weapons do not count for the number you see if you get votekicked.
    -Retsnom has some awesome ideas on how to improve admin support here.
    -Ballistas randomly bug out like this. Happens on every map that has a ballista.
    -After you die the spectator camera flies far away from where you actually died.
    -No arrow-cam for catapult.
    -Chat randomly gets stuck so you have to type through console.

    Some that quickly came in to my mind.

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  • @Albert!:

    -Chat randomly gets stuck so you have to type through console.

    Some that quickly came in to my mind.

    While this is a bug, it is easier dealt with by hitting mute, and then unmute. Dunno about duel servers though.

  • Oh, nice! Didn’t know about this.

  • @dudeface:

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  • *Fix weapon animations from bugging out after using the ram, ballistas and stamping out the fire.

    -Solution. I’m not sure. Only solution I know is to swap weapons back and forth, which is untimely.

    *Fix players being able to turn their body completely around and instant parry while using the ram

    -Solution. Force player to look forward direction until interrupted by pressing a button or being hit.

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