[WIP] AOCTD-Sunburn

  • This is a map I’ve been working on for a few days, I’m still in the blocking phase but I think it’s time to try and get some feedback on it. If anyone is interested in trying it out, subscribe to it at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=239102821

    It’s a relatively small Team Deathmatch map recommended for about 12 players. It’s also my first map for Chivalry.

    Current problems:

    • I’ve got a buch of spawn points around the map but the teams only seem to be spawning at one each. What am I missing? Some kind of indexing?
    • It pretty ugly. Later on I will put some time into prettifying the level, but I wanted to get some feedback on it in case there are major changes to be made. All feedback and ideas would be appreciated.

    I would love all the feedback I can get!

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