[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Bog

  • Hey all! Finally got the time to start work on the map (After finding out about it waay too late!)
    Latest Progress**

    Made some assets, nothing much so far, but it really got me in the mood for making a bunch more tomorrow!

    Ideas and Pre Production

    So heres my idea.

    Theres a old fortification that supplies the richer folk who live up high above the surrounding area ontop of a large hill. Everything that goes to these rich people goes past a trading post that controls everything that goes over the bridge. However this is not what the mason order want! They hate these rich people. so they want to cut off the only way for them to get any food and riches.

    So, thats the back story. here is how the map will play out in a typical game.

    (Note some things are ‘strech’ ideas where i wont attempt to make them if i do not have the time, they are only there because they are cool)

    The Environment

    The time of day will be very early morning, with the sun barely shining on the mountains above

    Down on the flat swamp area there will be a thick low hanging fog which will make it hard for archers to hit anyone, the town for Objective 1 will be sitting above this fog with a watch tower and a few run down buildings. there will be a fence surrounding the town.
    In the swamp, there will be burning torches, to add to the ambiance and attract people to the wamer areas

    The actual landscape will be cliffs either side of the swamp.
    The bridge will sit around 20 to 30 meters above the swamp floor to give a huge sense of scale and reason for the bridge to be there. The bridge will have multible supports, and when it collapses from the bomb cart, will form a steady walkway up to the gate entrance. Which will probably be open (if not open, it will be hacked down. although that seems like it would drag along and not add anything to the overall map)

    The trading post will be a large multi story building that has many crates and scared pesants, there will be piles of straw and barrels of wine that may be (depending on the amount of time) spilled to form a nice Purple/red floor.

    Objective 1. Take over the small town ontop of a mound of rock.

    This is simple. capture the town. I either want this to be a ‘burn down the village’ thing, or possibly a ‘raise the flag’. Burning the village is the stretch goal here, so it will most likely end up being the latter.
    The agatha spawn here will be futher down the path in the cave.

    **Objective 2. Blow up the bridge supports
    Move the bomb cart to the bridge supports and detonate that sucker!
    The bridge will fall down and form a ramp that leads up to the entrance of the trading post, offering 3 pathways up there. The north entrance will be blocked but can be broken down.
    The bridge will collapse and bits of wood will fly around landing in convenient locations (Leading up to objective 3)

    Objective 3. Loot the Trading post

    There will be crates and barrels of loot. Once its all looted, masons win.

    Here is my map layout as of 17.03.14.

    Thanks for checking my post out!

  • looks good please make!

  • Developer

    The planning going into these maps is really exciting :D

  • The planning may be good, but how will the execution be? :)

    Im really glad this competition was made because it will give life to the workshop with some seriously quality maps.

  • Wow! good map!
    this could improve the punctuation?

  • Ok, so time for a redo of the storyline.

    The Agatha knights run a small trading post that is the only stop between two large towns (with many small settlements north of it). It Handles a vast amount of resources on a daily basis and is the only route to the towns north of the outpost.

    The Mason order want to capture this and stop all traffic through the area, allowing them to gain free access to all that is north of the area. But the outpost is under the command of Lord [agatha knight name here] and will defend it till the day he dies. which may just be today!

    The mason order will need to kill him and loot all the resources from this area before they can call it their own.

  • I’m seeing that there are many people doing the old ‘push the cart or blow up the bomb’ idea so i may change things up a bit.

    I have a few ideas for things that could happen on stage 2 with the bridge.

    Objective - 1
    Idea 1
    Push the siege tower to get to the elevated town. Must hold it off for X amount of time
    Idea 2
    Burn down the village
    Objective - 2**

    Idea 1
    you need to pull down one of the bridge supports, which will require a certian percentage of your team to be standing with fists out pulling a rope.
    Idea 2
    Hack at the bridge support with axes (Swords do 1/4 damage?, axes do 2x damage to the supports?)
    Idea 3
    Manually take explosives to the bridge

    Objective - 3

    Idea 1
    Destroy and burn the trade depot
    Idea 2
    Loot the depot and kill the traders
    Idea 3
    Kill the captian of the guard, Loot the area.

    I also have an idea that agatha can get back at the masons by having a side objective of flooding the valley (there could be a dam down the south end by the masons spawn)
    This will slow the masons advance/speed by a bit.

  • Objective 1: idea 1
    objective 2:idea 2/3
    objective 3:idea 2
    it is a good idea to tell your ideas and that is the best FOR ME because they are not a simple ram pushing in a castle for kill the king and the populum the mix is also great :)

  • Objective 2 idea 2 would require some research and most likely a mod, which people aren’t to keen on (I’m assuming?) Unless someone from TB can pitch in. (That’s the one where certain weapons deal more damage to objectives, like axes doing more to the wooden supports)

  • The atmosphere and layout for this map is fantastic keep up the good work can’t wait to see it all come together. Cheers!

  • thanks!

    I started blocking out the map last night, dont have any pictures yet (Currently at work) but hopefully i have something to show for all this planning :)

  • Got another idea for the end objective, its rather bizarre but it could work…

    Objective 3: Drink the beer and celebrate (while the agatha knights try to kill you)

    What happens here is the mason attackers get blazing drunk on the free alcohol while trying to defend it from the agatha defenders (You also need to loot the gold and other stuff)
    But it adds that extra layer of challenges. The agatha knights could also have an objective of ‘Kill the scum and drink the ale before them’

    Not sure how it would pan out, but i guess i can add it in during one of the tests i do!

    another thing…
    So there may be a captain of the agatha guard who is in command at this trading post that you could also try kill.

  • Haha like the idea of having to drink the beer whilst the other teams attack!

  • ‘Make the loss seem not as bad as it is’ - Objective 3 - Agatha

  • The thrid objective is pretty fun and it good that you changed. All the map I have seen have the very same objective : Push - destroy - kill.

  • Haha, Damn i wish i had saved a screenshot of the map in its current state. Im fleshing out the world so i get a better idea of where everything is and the scale of it all. At the moment its feeling a bit too large so its going to be scaled down a tad, but then again its a bit larger and moore open than the distance between the first two objectives on the map where Agatha has to light the pyre? (Forgot the name)

  • Decided to inspire myself by hand making some sexy terrain. I was originally going to do it in world machine but my OCD took over and this is the result. Its unfinished but now i have a really solid idea of what i will be doing.

    I will still need to make a bunch of assets and shaders like the one for the murky swamp water and the low hanging fog. (Swamp water currently is the checker texture so that i can easily see where the water pit things are)

    Buildings in the town will most likely be custom to an extent. possibly using torn banner textures to save space in the map download.
    Same with the bridge that will be going in further down that road.

    Massive cave mesh will also need to be made, I will most likely include a material that differs based on normal direction to make the texturing of that quick.

    I may need to make some trees If the defualt TB ones don’t look any good.

    Anyway, i will get this terrain done so that i can start throwing the actual objectives together.

  • Aha, I also was thinking about map names, here are the ones i have thought up so far.

    Murky Marshes.
    Swamped in.
    Bridge to Nowhere.
    Dead Marshes.

    • Any suggestions?

  • Dead Marshes sounds alright, but none of those really have a ring to them.
    or even just Marsh/Swamp

    You don’t necessarily need an adjective in the map name!

  • Good point!
    I’m really liking the idea of the simple ‘Bog.’ Its exactly what this map is about. A bog.

    Can a moderator/admin change my post title to be

    [WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Bog

    Cheers :)

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