Adding KOTH?

  • Hi! I’ve been working on my chivlary map and it’s mainly ment to be played with the gametype Team Deathmatch. But on request I’ve decided to make it playable with King Of The Hill.

    Is this hard to change? I’ve made different game types but I don’t know how to add the hills and how they work, if they are going to change position after a while and so on.

    Any tutorials or if someone can guide me or point me in a direction?

    The map is here btw:

  • There is a KOTH example map in the Content SDK folder. You can pretty much just copy actors and settings from there. It is relatively easy to setup.

  • But isn’t the hill supposed to move after a while?

  • That functionality doesn’t exists in CMW King of the Hill at present. It is One Static Hill.

    It would be possible through Kismet, although somewhat complex.

  • Dr Zob has a KOTH map with a moving hill. He may be able to provide some light on the subject

  • Yeah it’s not too hard.

    In Kismet I connected a delay to random switch that teleports the capture volume to different areas on the map.
    Here’s an image of the Kismet:

  • im running this map on my server to help test and cause it rocks and is something new to play on.

    good job on the map brotha!

    cant wait to try the koth version later today.

  • Thank you Dr Z0b! I might take a look at that later!

  • @Guldlock:

    Thank you Dr Z0b! I might take a look at that later!

    No problems, happy to help :)

    Actually I hadn’t had a look at my KOTH map in a while so this thread inspired me to update it and re-upload it as a new workshop item. I actually added some more stuff to the Kismet such as a sound and a message that plays every time the hill moves. Let me know if you need anything else.

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