How the hell do you block Norse Sword?

  • Recently, I’ve started playing duels heavily to try and improve my melee abilities. I can stand against a lot of people who have 10 or 20 levels on me, which I guess is a good thing…unless they’re using the Norse Sword. I can know exactly what strike they’re going to throw, put my parry exactly where I would against any other weapon…and it goes right through. I’m not making simple mistakes like falling for stabs in the side. I know that’s what they’re doing, but even when I turn to compensate, my parries still seem to fail constantly. Any tips on blocking the Norse and Broad swords, particularly stabs? It’s the one area of duels I’m quite weak in.

  • The only two main reasons that you are having trouble is that:

    1. You are not looking far enough to your left/right and down a bit (for stabs). For overheads crouch when you parry if you are having trouble still.
    2. You are not parrying soon enough. Norse sword is fast, couple that with a bit of lag on the attacker and it can be deceptively quick.

    Well I suppose it can also be a combination of both.

  • You have to look practicaly 90 degrees to your left to parry most stabs at facehug range. Practice with a friend in a duel server, or set one up with 0% damage and maybe even slow motion to really understand how the tracer behaves.

  • Norse is all about twitch movements. That means you won’t have to drag your parries like sometimes you have to do against the slower weapons.

    Try not to let the norse get too close to you, if he walks or runs into a certain range then he is in a good position to get around you with the Norse.

    With sneaky stabs just make sure you don’t let him get too far around your left, you can twitch parry those attacks most of the time.

    With sneaky overheads you can crouch lean back to parry it or just look up quickly to whichever side he is trying to attack. The trick to the sneaky overhead is that the weapon is basically hitting you in the back of the shoulder (it can even be dragged around to hit someone in the back of the neck and result in a headshot) so you need to turn your body into the parry at the very least, you can’t just look forwards and aim up when parrying.

    Alt slash only really works when in kissing distance. Try not to let the norse sword user get that close if you can, but again it can just be twitch blocked.

    Reverse overheads are blisteringly fast but again, they have to be really close for it to hit and the norse can only be barely dragged enough for them to hit you on the spin drag which you can do.

    With norse feints, remember that they don’t have the best of range and cannot be dragged too far. If you’re quick enough and fall for a feint, you can always sprint quickly to one side and away from the norse sword. Ducking also helps because the release of Norse is so quick that it will most likely pass over your head and they won’t have too long to drag it downwards into you. Only works a few times however because then they will learn to always aim slightly downwards after they’ve feinted you to eliminate any chance of your duck working.

    Also be careful of the kick+sneaky overhead norse.

  • I’m not sure it’s even possible to reliably block the norse sword, with all the riposte stabs and look down overheads. Maybe if I just practiced my twitch blocking skills a lot more…

    Well I either don’t let them facehug me… or I die.

  • @wyrda78:

    I’m not sure it’s even possible to reliably block the norse sword

  • spam with stab. stab spam stab spam

  • Norse sword is a damn powerful tool for that reason.

  • You know Flippy this is the in the actual tutorial section so if you’re not actually going to contribute or help the OP in any way you way as well just not post, even though your gif is so funny, wow… so clever and funny to put a gif on the internetz…

    In any case I agree with DokB in general, using footwork to not let them get too far on either side of you and looking as far to your side as possible for LMB/alt-LB and crouching and looking up with overheads is a good way to go.

    What’s your FPS like? If your dropping frames it can very hard to see what’s going on with very fast weapons.

  • I remember a problem that I had back when I was still newer at the game:
    When I was attempting to parry an attack meant to get around my parry (such as a norse sword side stab), I was unintentionally dragging the parry into the swing, which as you might imagine didn’t work because of the turnspeed cap put on the active parry time.
    What I needed to do instead was turn to the point where I needed to parry the attack and then parry, which took some time to break the old habit, but once it was done I was able to parry much easier and react to hard to block attacks and fast weapons.

    In your case, if it is similar to my sitituation at all, and based off of what you’ve said in the original post, it seems like you know where to parry just fine, its just that you cant get to that point in time to block the fast attacks.
    If it isnt at all like my situation, you may be turning not far enough still, or its a latency thing, either on your end or your opponent’s.

    But in most cases whenever someone has a problem with blocking, its either they arent turning far enough or they arent getting to the proper contact point fast enough. Or lag. If not those things, then I suggest working on footwork and postioning, or at least become aware of your footwork and postioning when that situation happens.

  • spam with stab. stab spam stab spam

  • @kanGuru:

    spam with stab. stab spam stab spam

    No this is a topic on how to defend against the norse, not on how to use it.

  • I don’t have problems parrying a norse stab, even from a facehug distance. HWS on the other hand…

  • @Silu:

    I don’t have problems parrying a norse stab, even from a facehug distance. HWS on the other hand…

    There’s a special hell for people who norse/hws + shield and just spam the broken overhead.

  • Idk if anyone else has said it and it pretty much falls into the “look further to the direction your parrying” gubbins but…

    Look **DOWN **a little bit too. Kinda downward angle. I find that hovering the crosshair a little lower than usual works like a charm against fast stabbing weapons, wafting it a bit lower the closer they get to you - whilst still staying sharp to twitch it back up for their overheads and all that stuff course.

    At least it works for me, idk if its the “thing to do”, but its what I do.

  • We may have to readjust all our parrying skillz come patch time. With a new camera and all.

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