Best quest in Skyrim, hands down

  • Decided to share with you good people what I consider the best(or most hilarious) quest in Skyrim.
    I played through most of the game a few times now and I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, the best quest is "To Kill An Empire", part of The Dark Brotherhood questline. (spoilers ahead)

    The Dark Brotherhood are basically just assassins. Person A wants person B dead, so person A contacts The Dark Brotherhood. An assassin will kill person B and gets rewarded by person A.

    Someone wants the emperor of Tamriel dead(Skyrim is a part of Tamriel) and so The Dark Brotherhood accepts the contract and will attempt to kill him(the player is sent to fulfill this task).

    To do this, you will poison the emperor with a plant called Jarrin Root which causes near-instant death upon tasting. In order to actually get close to the emperor you’ll be disguised as the “Gourmet”, a famous chef in Skyrim.

    As you arrive you must talk to the palace’s cook. She will at first assume you’re a stockboy but once she realizes you’re the Gourmet she’ll ask which ingredients to add to her almost-done stew she plans to present to the emperor. But first, she requests that you put on a chef hat first.
    (so basically you’re almost completely dressed in the outfit of a Dark Brotherhood assassin everyone recognizes in Skyrim, but with a silly chef hat).

    After putting on the chef hat you’ll be able to assist the cook with adding some ingredients. Simply by a bit of bragging about how the ‘Gourmet knows what he’s doing’ you’ll persuade her into adding a sweetroll, vampire dust, a giant’s toe and even a fucking gold coin.
    Last but not least, you’ll instruct her to add the Jarrin Root. (you can also decide not to and kill the emperor the old fashion way, but this is just way better)

    Then follows the typical and expected climax. The emperor tastes the stew, falls dead, and you escape the city with guards pursuing you. It’s only hours after completing the quest that you realize you’re still wearing that stupid chef hat.

    So yes, best quest for me. All in all it summarizes just how blind and stupid NPC’s and guards in Skyrim really are, in 1 quest. I just had to post it, not sure why.

  • It’s been over 2 years since I last played Skyrim, but I absolutely loved it. (literally completed all the quests in the game. Got the best armor and weapons)

    My favorite quest had to be the final quest in the Thieves’ Guild questline. Since it’s been so long I’ve forgotten most of the details, but once you completed it, you got the full Nightingale armor set and the Nightingale Bow. I used that setup until the very end of the game when I got the full set of Dragonscale armor and Daedric Sword + dagger.

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