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  • Hi, my map pack was working fine, was on the workshop and on many servers. I took a break from Chivalry and when I came back none of the maps now work without me doing anything to them. They crash the server. I opened my map in the editor and everything worked fine in the PIE. I re-built everything, re-cooked and uploaded to the workshop as a new workshop item with a different name and new CMWSDK and it still crashes the server as well as crashing CMW if opened locally.

    Can anyone think of what I can do? I’m getting a lot of requests to get my map back online.

  • Developer

    We’re investigating. However, this crash looks like ones we’ve seen on some other maps: something terrain material-related. It might be that we changed a material that you’re relying on for your terrain in a patch (there was a patch in… November or December that removed some assets; that was the last such patch).

    Terrain is very touchy, we removed all options to so much as create new terrain in one of the recent patches because of problems like this. The Landscape system has replaced it.

  • Yes i had the same problem and it was a faulty material that i forgot to remove a while ago

  • Developer


    Whatever that is, it’s missing now. Like I said, that patch was the only one that ever removed any assets; since we stopped calling the SDK an “alpha” we’ve committed to not removing assets again.

    We’re adding in a “fix” that avoids the crash (not in this upcoming beta patch, unfortunately, but should be in Patch 22 Final), but it still leaves a good chunk of your map covered by checkerboard default material.

  • Crusty when is the new beta coming out?

  • Developer

    I lied, that change is apparently making it.

    Stay tuned.

  • Sweet.
    I was confused about why you removed the terrain tools, but landscape seems to work nicely. although, how do you create holes (for caves) in the landscape mesh?

  • Developer

    Terrain is old and outdated but all the tutorials still point to it, we removed it as a precautionary thing so users can’t be lead astray by old documentation. I don’t know about holes, hopefully someone chimes in.

  • Developer

    And yeah, didn’t get a chance to test the beta before leaving, but it should allow these maps to play, albeit with some broken mats.

  • So I’ve been workin on my map for awhile now. And today all of a sudden, SDK crashes when I open it. I just realized this is different than op’s problem, but if anyone knows off the top of their head, lemme know. To make this post somewhat useful though:

    Shrogg, for holes, I have a hill that a main castle sits atop. Where I want my caves is under that. So i just flatten the landscape out underneath to where the bottom of the cave will be and use, uh, decorations (Rocks, cluttler, etc.) to sit around the entrances and use a regular plane or floor mesh to sit atop of that hiding the cave from above. Prolly an easier way I don’t know but it’s working for now. Well at least when my sdk started.

    Edit: Nvm. I deleted my custom content package, loaded sdk and it worked then closed it. Undeleted the package, opened the editor and everything is still working.

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