Is this game still up and running ?

  • so me and a friend bought this today but nothings going on. Whats happening? we cant find any servers to join.
    when we create one we cant join each other.

    Has the game died alltogether or is it just an add on im missing ?

  • Still quite lively :/

    I sometimes get empty server browsers, but it tends to resolve itself after a while. Is it ok now? What region are you in? Do you have filters on the browser that are hiding all the servers? Is it steam being lame? (it’s had a lot of problems of late).

    Get back in touch if it’s still a problem; we’ll get you up and running.

  • The server browser is always broken, a real pain in the arse. It dosent matter how many times you press refresh or reset the filters and sometimes you can re launch the game and it still fails to work.

    Quite annoying actualy and I can probibly guess you are not happy with buying this game and I dont blame you.

  • Its not server browser, its steam going down.


    Are you opted into any Beta?
    Are you behind a firewall or strict Anti Virus?

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