[WIP] Fortification Contest - Sacking of Serenis

  • Current Name: The sacking of Serenis.

    **Objective 1

    **Agatha - Cross the ships to the cannons closest to the harbour gates and use the cannons to destroy them. They spawn in the aft of the of the ship furthest from the gate.

    **Mason - protect the town gate by preventing the Agatha from using the cannons. They spawn in the southern gate tower. There is a Balista stationed on the northern tower near by. Players are also able to circle back into the town to use a balista stationed there.

    **Gameplay: The Gameplay in this section will be open, with sections of the ships aft acting as raised areas for archers, some of these will also feature Balistas. There will be various pitfalls into the sea below. I plan on experimenting with custom gameplay script that will enable players to rock certain planks between ships sending whoever is on them plummeting to the depths!

    **Scenario: To prevent the Agatha knights entering the harbour or Serenis the Mason have chained their ships in a defensive line across the harbour entrance. To counter the Agatha sailed their ships directly at the defensive line and attacked with boarding parties.

    **Objective 2

    **Agatha - Push the gunpowder supply cart through the town and into the drainage gate then find something to ignite it! They spawn in the Southern tower, objective 1 mason spawn point.

    **Mason - Stop that cart and defend the gate at all costs. They spawn at the far end of the town in a barricaded area.

    **Gameplay: Claustrophobic street fighting.Certain buildings with vantage points but these are all very exposed.

    **Scenario: Agatha have advanced in to the town, the townsfolk have been moved back to (OBJECTIVE 3).

    **Objective 3 / 4


    That’s it for now hoping to get designing the third objective and get whiteboxing soon.**********************

  • Great map man!

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  • My original post re-appeared :D

  • Love the fact that you put a ship type map. I think this game was needing a map like this for a while. Good stuff on the map design and item layouts!

  • Thanks! I want to keep an open feel across multiple ships, a proper sea battle! Tok a lot of inspiration from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Sluys

  • Can the third objective be an objective of stealing gold and give it back to peasants or make the main castle explode ?

  • @Bardaf:

    Can the third objective be an objective of stealing gold and give it back to peasants or make the main castle explode ?

    Stealing gold was one that I had been thinking of! :)

  • Great spirits are meeting !

  • Update!

    Whilst I mull over how objective 3 is going to play out I have began to piece together the ship battle.

    A top down shot in editor vs the original plan. Also a very quick paint over of paths I think would improve game play flow.

    A shot of the main area. Gives an idea of how crossing between boats will work and what I’m doing to try and keep this area as open as possible, despite taking place aboard a load of ships…

    A couple of shots of the crossings themselves.

    You may notice the ships are very much place-holder. I tried using the stock chiv meshes but found they didn’t quite fit and I came up with a lot of problems game-play wise when trying to build bridges between the ships. So I have my own meshed out which I’m updating to accommodate the game-play as I go along. Once that’s nailed down I’ll be hunting down an artists to get it looking up to scratch.

    This has mainly been broad strokes in getting an idea about the scale, what I’m going to need to make this area work and a bit of environmental touches to try and work out the scene.

    So far I’m happy with it but still a long way to go!

  • @Pete_H:

    Stealing gold was one that I had been thinking of! :)

    Lol Idk why, but for some reason I get a pirate theme feel with the boats, cannons, and gunpowder, and then the gold stealing. Not the typical “arghhh!” pirates with the eye patch and stump leg, but maybe like viking pirates, which would be somewhat relevant to chivlary. So maybe as third objective you could have one ( agatha )team on a ship, and then the other team ( mason) on another ship that automatically approaches the agatha’s ship, lines up next to each other, and then they battle each other crossing each other’s ship by planks, trying to steal/protect gold.

    I know that’s not an easy task, but maybe it would inspire some thought?
    Either way, keep it up dude!

  • This would be a cool thing to implement in this area perhaps, but after this objective the players will be on land :) I want to keep the areas different.

  • Hey Pete! I really like the look of your map, I think it is the map I am most excited for (except for mine :p ). The ship section looks very fun and unique, as well as the Venice style city. I picture the city section with lots of bridge choke points where archers can shoot over the waterways while their teammates defend the bridges. I agree that with the gold stealing objective to finish things off, it definitely fits the map well. Also, the large bay with all the waterfalls coming in will make for incredible scenery!

    Good Luck!

  • It looks like a elephant cementery!

  • @leynadix:

    It looks like a elephant cementery!

    My favorite part of the Lion King :p

  • Looking really cool so far. I’m loving the idea of fighting between the boats. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Update. Blocking out the town area. Still very much roughing everything out and working out scales.

    THe gatehouse & wall between the harbour area and the town,

    Top down of the town area with routes available to the players.

    A couple of shots from within the town

  • That statue appears to have sunk! Maybe that statue could be knocked over and used as a bridge?

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