Chivalry MMO

  • Make a chivalry MMO you sons of bitches. I asked like a year ago now where is it? :surprise:

  • Wouldn’t really work. At all.

  • No. No. No. No. No.

  • I’d rather a Hunger Games MMO.

  • ♪ ♫ NooooooOOOOOOoooOOOoooo ♩ ♬

  • @lemonater47:

    Wouldn’t really work. At all.

    Why not? An MMO with skill based combat? Truly sounds amazing.

  • A full MMO is far beyond this studios capabilities - it would need to be built from scratch, take years and years and likely be underwhelming. MMO market is too competitive.

    Perhaps a hybrid though - primarily this game with some MMO elements.

  • like trying to collect wheat for a little old lady so you can unlock a gold helmet while also fighting other players that are trying to burn your wheat?..… heres 100$ get to work

  • I’d play the shit out of it, I’m pretty sure everyone else here would too. What Greg said is right though. Best approach would be just a simplified persistent world with always-on PVP, and access to different types of single and multiplayer quests against (vastly) improved AI.

    No collecting wheat for old ladies! A tutorial smashing 10 rats with a cudgel would be a obligatory though.

  • I think of the dickwolves every time I walk past extraneous slaves after stage 3 of Citadel.

  • MMO’s are shit games.

  • 2014. MMOs, what?

  • If you however do want a MMO with fast-paced twitch based PvP with FPS aiming and full loot. There is only Darkfall Unholy Wars.

  • Hardcore full-loot seamless no-instance open world PVP anywhere (with a couple cities that are guarded). Tera Online graphic fidelity, Wurm online Asthetic / Crafting / Terraforming. Limited and extremely rare magic that only exists in ancient scrolls that are hidden and scattered across the gigantic map. When found they can never be learned again; unique. Roaming sentient AI that constructs their own settlements and even attacks player settlements. Player-built housing and city construction anywhere that is properly terraformed.

    Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Style ship naval warfare with hundreds / thousands of islands. Chivarly Medieval Warfare style combat with 3-4 hyper servers capable of supporting at least 10,000 players simultaneously spread out in different regions in the US and EU to start (for optimal ping). As such, skill based combat is king. The difference between the weakest gear and the mightiest would be perhaps twice in strength / resistances. The difference between someone who has every conceivable trait maxed vs someone who is new would be similar to that (though with more actual skill and experience under your belt as well as utility abilities and spells if you’ve found them). Low gear durability to promote the necessity of crafting and trading.

    Starting NPC safe cities will have local banks and local markets to list goods goods for sale at a fee. Or you can advertise somewhere in the city for free with your voice or by typing in local chat, or buy your own market stall. If you adventure out, anything you want to take has to be carried on your back or transported by carriage / horseback. At your own risk.

    Okay. There you go. If anyone ever makes a game like this, I will do unspeakable things for them.

    Unholy things.

  • All of that, and an option to disable customization because it is confusing for slow-witted people.

  • Hell no. Unique gears could be crafted that blend in well with surrounding environments, adding a layer of stealth and trickery to the very essence of finding a fight. Excellent for hunting or evading capture / death. Anyone can be your enemy, so customization is not confusing. Unless you’re part of a clan, in which case specific clan tabards could be crafted to easily identify each other. careful you aren’t infiltrated by someone who sold a clan tabard to your enemies though, you don’t want spies in your midst scouting your base and reporting back your forces and defenses to an imminently siege force on their way.

    You know, I think if a game like this was actually made and not just a desolation desperation on my part, I probably would never leave my apartment.

  • Well there is this one sandbox medieval game coming… but i cant say much about it, its going to be amazing :3


    Well there is this one sandbox medieval game coming… but i cant say much about it, its going to be amazing :3

    Is it in the list?

    Gloria Victis
    Life is Feudal
    Kingdom Come

  • Huh?

    Why can’t you say anything? Reveal your secrets heathen!

  • @Rickvs:

    Is it in the list?

    Gloria Victis
    Life is Feudal
    Kingdom Come

    Its not any of these. Its currently an indie game and not listed anywhere, its still alpha/pre alpha, but very competent developer behind it, im actually one of the testers

    just stay tuned, shouldnt be too long anymore, its going to blow most medieval games out of the way

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