Only one team spawns when using AddBots

  • Hi, I’m having some difficulties with a map I’m making. I’ve got one spawn point per team but when using AddBots it only spawns units in Agatha. When I play in UDK both teams spawn but as soon as I cook and start the map in Chivalry I encounter this prblem. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution to it?

  • I had a problem where 2 bots would spawn on only one team and but after I added more than 2 bots they were spreading themselves out among the teams.

  • I can’t seem to add new bots after starting the game at all…

  • It could be that your game-type is set to FFA while your PIE game-type is set to TO/TDM. From the documentation page:

    You also need to set the gametype in the world properties (menu bar: View >World Properties > Game Type) for both PIE (play in editor) and supported/default game types

  • Also make sure you have enough spawn points (AOCPlayerStart) set for each team.

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