[WIP] Night Raid

  • Setup: A regiment of Masons have spotted an Agathian supply caravan making its way through a mountain pass. They prepare to stop this convoy and any that might come after.

    Objective 1: Masons push two bomb carts to either side of a stone arch and detonate them to blockade the pass. Agathian lookouts spot them and move to stop the carts.

    Objective 2: The combat and explosions wake the entire camp (I’m thinking I may play with the spawn times here to give the impression of more active fighters). From here the Masons look to destroy/immobilize the wagons carrying the supplies (The 8 brown circles on the map).

    Objective 3: Once the caravan loses its mobility all that’s left is to pillage and plunder. The caravan was transporting ale, mead, and wine. The masons have to roll a barrel of each to the awaiting wagon.

    Current Progress:
    Environment: I’ve roughed out most of the playing area and have a pretty good idea of where everything is right now. There are millions of spots where you can get caught on the terrain. I haven’t laid down many decorative assets so it still looks very bare bones. Haven’t even touched the foliage tool yet.

    Objective 1 is fully functional. Both carts can be pushed and once they’re both in place they automatically explode. The archway crumbles and blocks the path. This part was really fun to work with in matinee.

    Objective 2 has the basics of its kismet worked out. Each wagon takes about 1000 damage to destroy. I’m not sure if this is too much or too little at this point but considering that there are 8 of them and you can hit them from any angle I think they should be pretty tough.

    Objective 3 hasn’t been worked on at all. I took a look at the Carry objective and couldn’t make sense of it. If anyone knows how that works I’d really appreciate any help. If I can’t figure it out or it ends up not suiting my needs then I may just have them work as reversible pushables.

    **Immediate Goals:
    **Figure out the kismet for Objective 3.
    Create more flow routes instead of wide open spaces.
    Place all the spawns and path nodes.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions. I’ll try keep this updated as I go along.

  • Quick update:

    Title changed to Dawn Raid
    Objective 3 is in place so the game is playable at this point.
    Pathing blockers and some trees have been added just to break up the landscape a bit.
    The spawns have been placed and set up to change after the 1st objective.

    The map is out on the workshop right now and can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=242791988

    I believe it should work but let me know if anything issues pop up. I’d love to have some feedback on the objectives.

  • Thanks to ia and friends for the testing. Feelsgoodman knowing that the map actually works.

    Shrunk the entire map by about 20%. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to any strange bugs.
    Added more pathing blockers to keep silly fools off the walls and tents.
    Defloated the trees.
    Clustered the wagons on objective 2 to keep the action focused.
    Smoothed out some terrain and filled in some gaps where players could get stuck.

    Current Goals:
    Figure out how to carry barrels around for objective 3.
    Fix mason spawn on Objectives 2/3.
    Add some ammo caches.
    Scale back the bombcart speed on objective 1.
    Destroy bombcarts on explosion + kill nearby players.

  • Changes:
    Players can now use E to pull the mead barrels on objective 3 out of tough spots.
    Mason spawn has been moved for objectives 2/3.
    Ammo caches in place.
    Bombcarts have been slowed down considerably.
    New pathways open up once objective 1 is completed to allow for a more natural flow into the larger play area.
    Decoration everywhere! Grass, small rocks, lamp posts, torches, crate & barrels, etc.

    Current Goals:
    Get AI pathing working correctly.
    Destroy bombcarts + kill nearby players. (Woops forgot to do this)
    Add sound to moving bombcarts.
    Make the map prettier.
    Make the map compatible with LTS and TDM.

    Some screenshots:

  • Interesting concept, is this for the TO contest?

  • Yep. I was looking into learning the UDK to make some fresh LTS maps when the contest was announced. Figured making a TO map with a deadline would be a good motivator for me.

  • Looking good Jonks, I’m curious if you had any issues with Masons spawn killing the Order during objective 3 since the Masons will essentially be in their camp rolling the barrols. Maybe I’m not understanding correctly what objective 3 is, but why are the Masons rolling the barrels from the wagons farther into the enemy camp, or is that a Mason Camp?

  • @Jonks!:

    Yep. I was looking into learning the UDK to make some fresh LTS maps when the contest was announced. Figured making a TO map with a deadline would be a good motivator for me.

    Sounds cool, keep updating! Damn this contest is gonna be great for the game.

  • Updates for days. And yea I can’t wait til all of these maps finish up.

    Quick Update:
    Bombcarts now disappear and explosions and falling rocks now kill nearby players.

  • KSP ARM update has diverted my attention for a bit. But I took a crack at getting the bots to go where I want them.

    This is my general state of mind while working with the AI navigation system

  • Hey, tried this map out earlier today at the official servers. My thoughts in general was that everything went a bit slow, might be because we were only around six people though.

    The fact that the bombcarts killed you was cool, but you need a bigger heads up. Otherwise you will just get mad that it killed you before you even had the time to get away.

    I like the part with the barrels but it doesn’t feel quite right. It’s the physics fault but if you could improve it somehow that would be high priority. Secondly we had several issues with barrels getting stuck. Didn’t know that you could press E to pull it so that really needs to be clearer.


  • Sweet thanks for the feedback. The FTL and KSP updates have been sucking up my free time but I’ll be getting back to this tommorow.

    I’ll most likely speed up bombcarts and add a fuse noise or something before the explosion. As for the barrels, I really have no idea how to have players carry them so they’re going to stay physics assets, but I’ll add a notification to the big objective popup that explains how to pull them.

  • Great map, got to play it with about 23 Aussies yesterday. Has some real potential, I LOVED THE SOCCER BIT at the end hahahhahahaha.

    Give us an add on steam, would love to talk to you as you work to improve your map!

    Steam - Yarnukin

  • Please, put instructions into the map! And HUD makers, I played and was: What is needed to do? No one knew it!

  • Hey I haven’t updated this thread in a while sorry for the late response.
    I’ll try to find you on steam yarnu.
    Are you sure you had the HUD turned on? There are HUD markers all over the place.

    Scoreboard now displays all objectives.
    Time limit for the objectives changed from 10/10/10 to 8/6/8.
    Minimum spawn times for Agatha changed from 5/5/5 to 5/1/10.
    Objective notification text reduced.
    New HUD markers for objective 2.
    Minor beautification tweaks.
    Lightmap resolution increased on landscape.

    Current Goals:
    Figure out how to carry barrels (still).
    Award points for completing objectives.
    Figure out scoreboard progress.
    Work on bot navigation.

  • Completely ignored previous goals and…

    Fixed ridiculous moon bloom lighting stuff and things.
    Added a fence to keep Agathians out of the larger play area while in objective 1.
    Added progress bars to objective 2.
    Bomb carts now roll down the steep hills when not being pushed or while contested.
    Some other stuff maybe?

    Current Goals:
    Old goals!

  • I hosted this map and I enjoyed it a few times.
    The attackers could reach the 3rd objective when there were about 10 players. But the attackers couldn’t reach the 2nd objective, not even once when there were 30 players or more. It was so hard to lift the carts to the arch.

    I know this map is called “Dawn Raid” but many players said it was a bit dark.

    By the way, bringing the barrels is fun.

  • Thanks! I’ve been trying to work out the balance on Objective 1 for a while now. In the latest version, the cart has been sped up to 1.5x as fast from the 1.2x in the version that you played. The carts also only roll back on the steepest part of the hill. The time limit was also pushed up to 10 minutes from 8. If that isn’t enough I could push the Agathian minimum respawn time up a bit.

    I’ll look into playing with the lightning levels some more. I dropped it down to 0.5 from the default 1.0 which might’ve been a bit too low.

    Also, does anyone know how to change the title of a thread?

  • Objective timing still need work. Barrels now move a little better but this objective is such a chore and not fun in anyway.

  • I played it on Tuesday.
    Attackers lost but only with 1 barrel left. (And close to exit).
    I played 2 times and the first was some of the same, nice balancing.

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