[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Cleansing Fire

  • Basic Idea - There’s a city with both a very productive mine, as well as a cathedral built on the resting place of a saint. The Order took the city in the early days of the rebellion and have declared that since they were able to take the holy place it means they have divine right to rule for the People.

    The Agathan army disagrees, and wants to not only take back the mine and it’s resources, but also to make a -very- public demonstration of the fact that the Order is not backed by God, or anyone. There’s also the anger that Agatha’s nobles feel at such a holy place being taken and used for the enmy’s purposes, and so that’s why the Agathan army is acting so out of character. Religion and politics are bad enough at the dinner table, they’re worse in a medieval war.

    Objective 1 - Light the undermine and take the wall down to allow Agatha’s army to get into the city.

    Objective 2 - Lay waste to the peasants inside to force them to take cover in the cathedral.

    Objective 3 - Once the gates are open to bring the peasants in for safety, burn the cathedral down and cleanse it of the Order’s taint, as well as showing the world that they are not protected by deities.

    Progress - Still in sketching and greyblock stages, but so far so good. will post images when we have more to show, or -anything- interesting to look at.

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