Co-op Survival (Turning off auto balancing)

  • Hi all,

    I’m just wondering if there’s a way to spawn bots without auto balancing? Basically I want a friend and I (and maybe more) to be on one team, and fill the other team with bots. Is there a way to do this?

    While I’m here, is there a way to increase/disable stamina on a server?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Disable any autobalance in the configs. You can spawn bots in the faction you want with the the command “admin addredbots/addbluebots”

  • Yep, worked perfectly! Thanks for the help.

    While I’ve got you, is there a list of working Admin commands somewhere? Sometimes something like ‘Admin votemap mapname’ works and other times it doesn’t. I can’t work out how to set the round times to longer, even though I’ve changed the override in config. Sometimes it changes, other times it doesn’t. And then yeah, ‘restartlevel’ and ‘restartmap’ don’t seem to work, if we want to play the same level again, as well as votemap not really working.

    I presume I’m doing something wrong! (I login as admin first using ‘AdminLogin pass’.

  • adminchangemap aocto-stoneshill_p (for example)

  • Ah, great, thanks!

    Is there an in game command to increase the round time? Changing config on my Multiplay server doesn’t seem to work.

  • @stuntboots:

    Ah, great, thanks!

    Is there an in game command to increase the round time? Changing config on my Multiplay server doesn’t seem to work.

    Round time I’m afraid is unchangeable. Its tied to the map itself. So you would have to actually edit the whole map to change the round time.

  • Ah makes sense. Well thanks both of you for your help!

  • we might be able to help you with the stamina issue, we have a thing in our mod that lets you go beast mode which turns stamina off until you miss to much or get hit too much, kicking or dodging makes you go beast mode, and can be activated infinetly,

    makes the gameplay way better and not a stamina war and best of all it eliminates the stun dazes which are just more free hits to your opponent.
    I haven’t been stun dazed for months now and its great.

    we could release a mini mod with just beast mode if you would like to run that.
    or if any1 else is interested

    also I don’t think you can change the round time yet, it has to be cooked into the map, so far that’s the only way ive seen round times being changed.

    I have an ffa map that is 12 mins, metarena has 12 min instead of 10

    it would be like a 1 second download and take you maybe 3 mins to install it localy or on a server

  • Hey thanks very much! We’ve been playing with stamina in which actually has been alright once you get used to it. It’s just a shame that you can’t have really long melee exchanges because someone inevitably tires. It does however stop Men at Arms spamming left click (though not completely, obviously), which is a bonus.

    How complex is the Beast Mode mod? In that could it be shortened to not having activation/deactivation, and instead just remove stamina reduction altogether?

    Thanks again for the offer!

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