[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - AOCTO-Armory_p

  • (Warning I may change everything or even the map name in future and maybe just few things also sorry for my bad english)
    3 Objectives that i tried to make them looks original. Most of them technically are normal.But i did my best to make them looks interesting
    The map is about a mason ship that pass the “water canal” to unload a cart full of explosives in Agatha’s armory then mason will push it to a (didnt define the place in the armory yet)

    Concept(made in paint still don’t have courage to show it t you it is so “hard to understand and bad”.Will post it after polishing it a bit)

    First objective:

    Mason:Open the gates for the ship to continue it’s way in the “water canal”

    Agatha:Stop mason from opening for the gate for their ship

    Second objective:(the ship pass the gate then stop from advancing and wait for the destruction of the canons)

    Mason :Destroy the damn canons that threat our ship

    Agatha:Do not let them touch our cannons

    Third objective ( the ship enter the armory and unload the cart of explosives)

    Mason:Move the cart of explosives to (still didn’t define the place in the armory)

    Agatha:Stop them from blowing our precious armory

    About me : Well i learnt in the past many basics of UDK but didn’t find a good application them (School didn’t let anytime for me to keep learning unreal scripting )To be honest this is my first “serious” map in my life xD. It is true that the prices seam cool but even if people just like my map that would make me proud :D.

    Challenges and risks:For the first 2 objectives i would need some luck to find good game assets
    Third objective is a big challenge:First make the armory wouldn’t be easy even with game assets .Also setting each team spawns to keep things balanced won’t be simple .On top of that, I heard that making pushables is hard and complicated.

  • Good luck for your fist map. Don’t bother if your map look ugly (mine is awful) as long as it is understandable. From what you are telling It’s pretty interesting.

  • It would be good to post some images to better understand the map!

  • “You asked we listened” :smile-new:

    Close look to the first objectivee

    Close to the second objective

  • This post is deleted!

  • i dont know wtf when i post links or photos the reply dont appear….
    Edit: Fixed

  • The objectives look great

  • First objective logic is nearly completed in kismet

  • Map is canceled since with all these exams and homework i can’t do a map of quality .maybe i will complete it one day in summer

  • Great objective ideas!

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