Mooving various static meshes with matinee doesn't work properly

  • I maked a movable static mesh with matinee and it works fine.

    Then I atached to other static mesh and trigger volume.

    it doesn’t atach properly.
    It’s like every static mesh and teh volume have different directions (one go fordware, other goes up, and the other goes left)

    What I am doing wrong?

  • Make sure it is set to Hard Attach. This keeps rotation and orientation with the mesh it is being attached to.

    Make sure both objects are Movers(Interp Actors) and have their physics set to interpolate.

  • Thanks!
    I have all my free day trying to do a lot of things without do it well!
    With your help, I did in only 30 second! ahah! thanks!

    I did’n putted Hard Attack because I missunderstanded the SDK instrucctions.

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