Play from Here not working?

  • I used to use this function all the time (right click the map and choose “play from here”) but since one of the SDK updates it no longer works. It just jumps into Spectate view. If I start the Anyone else having this?

  • Is it TO as the gametype? Have you tried typing startgamemanual in console?

  • No, I can start the PIE mode but not Play From Here. I’ll try the console command and get back to you.

  • You need to generate AI navigation. Yes, it sounds silly, but that’s what you need to do :P

  • @Dr:

    . It just jumps into Spectate view.

    did u try pressing M and choosing class?


    what are Collisions where u are trying to spawn?
    check with ALT + C

    if you try to spawn in someblocking volume you won’t spawn and won’t be able to choose class

    place some basic Cube Static mesh near by and try to click on it if u can spawn there

    —edit 2—

    when you Rclick on trasnculent sth to spawn it might be not reliable even it should block Rigid

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