Ideas: Single Player mode / All weapons in Training

  • Hi, I you know, I really love Chivalry, and I’m liking the Deadliest Warrior expansion what I’ve seen in the Training mode.
    However, not all of us have good internet, and have high ping regardless of location.
    You see some of us have satellite internet, which isn’t the best for online gaming.

    Now in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, I can at least very much enjoy a single player mod fighting bots.
    (thankfully, I unlocked all of the weapons before moving down here. Its a rural area, and the last tenant of this house told us they had high-speed internet)

    With that said, is it possible that a like single player mode could be made for the expansion? Perhaps have a separate ranking system to unlock gear in it too?

    If anything could you guys at least have all weapons unlocked in Training Mode of Deadliest Warrior?

  • Move house.

  • Nah, as much as I like online games and Chivalry, this land and home is just too good, that just wouldn’t be right.

    I’m not asking for them to move mountains here. Something that other people would likely like to see as well, I’m sure. I can’t be the only one.

  • Programming brilliant AI to play with is probably on par with moving mountains.

  • DW should have been made a single player only.

  • Agreed, but as much as I’d like more challenge, the bots like they have already in Medieval Warfare would suffice.

  • In both CMW and CDW you can use the console (`) to load the maps and add bots in them. They works best in FFA as the bots won’t do the objectives in TO (for MW) and in team games they tend to bunch up together running in straight lines.

    All the console commands for the maps for CMW and CDW are here. Type "open " before the map name (e.g. “open aocffa-moor_p” minus quotes).

    To add bots, enter “addbots x”. “x” being the number of bots you want to add. You can only enter 10 bots at a time with the command. So for 16 bots total you’d enter “addbots 10” and then “addbots 6”.

    So to open Isle with 24 bots for example, you’d enter as follows.

    “open ffa-isle”

    “addbots 10”

    “addbots 10”

    “addbots 4”

    Hope this helps.

  • Intriguing! Question is, can I do this in Offline mode by any chance? I haven’t at least noticed an option to create a session.
    Stacked on top of high ping, I also have a bandwidth cap of 20 GB, that is plenty, but between 3 people, that can be chewed through very easily.

    Or wait, can I do this from the Training mode if not?

    On another note, I’ve noticed the Gauntlet room, and its really nice and has been really helping get more bang for my buck, however it would be nice if we could at least gain experience it. That’s if I can’t play single-player offline.

    Either way, I’ll try when I am able, as the main gaming computer isn’t mine, but my brother’s.

    By the way, Jaina, I most certainly appreciate the input, whether or not it works, it does sound like a very solid shot. And I appreciate the the helpful hand, instead of you know, telling those with limited internet options to go eff themselves.

    The gaming computer he has by the way, is a Beast otherwise, literally, it’s a Cybertron Beast capable of playing it, Skyrim, Crysis 2, Witcher 2- any game at maxed out setting flawlessly.

  • They do indeed work offline as the maps are launched without a server just like the training level. When you type in the commands, you can do so from the main menu. Like in training though, you cannot gain any experience. So no ranking up there.

    For awhile when DW was in beta, they had an offline mode option in the main menu but it is basically the same as typing the commands up there. It’s for offline play only and is also the same as the “Create Game” option in MW (which doesn’t even list all the maps and gamemode combinations so you’d still have to use the commands a lot).

    Give it a shot when you can and report back!

  • I’m more interested in gaining experience.
    I feel blessed that I got MW and unlocked all the weapons before I moved, I didn’t know that I would be important for me to do so at the time.

    How do I do the console thing, by the way?

  • Excuse me for the double-post, but I have an update to report.

    I have remembered how to use console, and have tested it. Indeed, both when offline or signed in the same results- no XP gained, it doesn’t even record any stats in my Profile.

    However interesting enough, at the start of each match, “75% XP” shows up. And in Training its 100% yet Offline mode Online, doesn’t matter, I don’t gain any.

    Thanks again, its good to have more map options, as well as opponents. However, I do still prefer the Gauntlet in Training mod for the Advanced bots there, that actually dodge around and block, they can be actually challenging if you don’t watch yourself.

  • XP being disabled offline is likely to avoid bot farming. Regarding this, I remember someone some time back on the boards suggesting having XP gained offline not carry over online simultaneously. So unlocking a new weapon offline for example, doesn’t also unlock it for online play. Would be a good idea but singleplayer isn’t a focus for the game, unfortunately for this.

    I agree with the bot skill. I wonder if there’s a way to adjust the difficulty as the bots usually refuse to parry/block but in training they seem to at least try. :P

  • That is a good idea, I don’t see why it can’t be done.

    Single-player doesn’t need to be a focus, I’m not asking them to do anything different other than a means to unlock the rest of the weapons!
    Would that be so hard? Am I really asking for that much?

    …Or to hell with us without good internet? :/

    I’ve been supporting them before Age of Chivalry was even released, I remember stumbling upon their development site in the spring of '07 while doing online research on the middle-ages and damning that it wasn’t ready yet! It was the following year that I nabbed up a copy of HL-2, downloaded the mod and enjoyed some medieval mayhem!

    And they wouldn’t just be shoving one of their oldest and most faithful supporters aside, I can’t be the only one vying for this.
    Remember, just because few may have openly supported it, that there isn’t many more who would holding their tongues because they think it wouldn’t be worth it, or are too shy.

  • Alright devs, please hear me out, I think I’ve got a good compromise for the both of us.

    Maybe only have NPCS give negligible amounts EXP, like 5, hell maybe even 1. That way, those who can play online would find it much more lucrative to do so.

    Meanwhile, it would allow us without to have some kind of progression and means of unlocking items.

  • @Aleihr:

    Alright devs, please hear me out, I think I’ve got a good compromise for the both of us.

    Maybe only have NPCS give negligible amounts EXP, like 5, hell maybe even 1. That way, those who can play online would find it much more lucrative to do so.

    Meanwhile, it would allow us without to have some kind of progression and means of unlocking items.


    I don’t see how this could hurt that bad…

  • Thank you, its good to have some positive feedback.

    Again, just so I’m perfectly clear, this being for NPCs only. Like bots, such as in the Training mode. Not from online player kills.

  • I’ve been trying playing online, as NorseDragon, trying to rack me up some unlocks. I’ve had some success, I have gained a rank with the Viking, Samurai, and Pirate. However, I feel blessed when I’m tolerated enough to, as I’ve been kicked and even banned for my ping.

    That said, I’m always sure to offer my thanks and compliment them if they tolerated me enough as to put up with me for a while to gain some ground.

    I even ask if they would mind me playing with them, explaining my situation, but there has been only one person who actually responded, and thankfully positively to it.

    I’m still going to trudge on, but only to Rank 1 with all classes, then I’ll going to get back to solo play, I just can’t bare the lag and intolerance any longer after that.

  • I’m not sure what you mean by not being able to use all weapons and classes in Training for Deadliest Warrior. When you press the 'Training ’ button in the main menu, you spawn as a Spartan. To Change classes, press the ‘M’ Button, any weapon that you have unlocked in online play will be available to use in Training, at least that is how it is for me.

  • If your internet is bad you shouldn’t play this game in first place.

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