[WIP] - Fortification Map Contest - Drunken_Bazaar


    (Map is currently ~99% complete)

    Check the steam page for the pictures!


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    This is a large map, and was built with 20+ players in mind.
    I find most maps to be too cramped and I have tried to create many alternate routes and secondary objectives to keep action spread out.

    **Objective 1:
    **A large city with a lot of wide open areas and multi-height areas.

    The Agathians: must push a cart laden with hundreds of pounds of liquor through the city towards the Mason water supply, so that they can spike the Masons water. They must destroy two barricades along the path.

    The Masons: must stop the cart & protect the barricades.

    Objective 2:
    The Cart arrives at the edge of a large trench with a deadly river at the bottom.

    The Agathians: cross the trench with the available bridges, get to the top of the bridge tower, and extend the main bridge across the trench.
    Optional: build a rope bridge across the trench that enables reinforcements to arrive much quicker. (it takes off about 1/3rd of the distance)

    The Masons: Defend the bridge tower at all costs. Stop the rope bridge from being constructed if possible.

    Objective 3:
    The Bridge is now fully extended, and the cart resumes its push.

    The Agathians: Push the cart across the bridge and to the water supply and spike the water.

    The Masons: Stop the cart.

    Objective 4:
    With the water spiked the Masons will now spawn drunk (This is the 1% of the map that won’t work). The Agathians now cut off the Masons last fresh water and slaughter the drunken peasants.

    Agatha: Destroy the wells and the peasants.

    Masons: Protect the wells and the peasants.

    Objective 5:
    The Agathians have one last push into the Mason sanctuary. They must destroy all of the Mason libraries and erase this uprising from history.

    Agatha: Destroy the books and kill the scholars.

    Masons: Protect the books and the scholars.

    Check out the steam page, which has the current pictures


    page 4 of this topic!

  • The objectives look fun and are original. Can you add a legend on pictures please ?

  • I like it, very original. Hope it comes out well! Might suggest a fix the bridge scenario that I found in the original game ( A hl2 mod) . While I really enjoyed it, I don’t have a decent place to implement it.

  • How exactly did that work? Can you explain it a little better?

  • Oh, sorry. Probably should have been a bit clearer. It worked as such: 1) There was a wrecked bridge on the path crucial for the ram/cart . 2) The attacking team needs to collect a board from a wrecked house, like Ctf, and bring it to the wrecked bridge. The attacking team had to do this twice before the ram/cart could continue.

  • That actually sounds like a really fun objective. I can not think of how I could work it into my current design, but it sounds awesome. Perhaps some later project.

  • Your cliffs. Its almost impossible to get good looking cliffs without using an actual cliff models. All the textures are stretched and everything.

    Having some cliff models would be good. There are actually some desert themed cliffs in the game. You can scale them to different sizes and rotate them around to get different cliff faces from the same model. That’s what I’ve done.

  • Yes I plan to change the cliffs, they are just placeholder for now. I was just seeing what static meshes were available. And if you mean the stretched landscape, that is also placeholder. Some people use BSP to block out their level, I decided using landscape would be easier. I plan to change the cliffs to static meshes! Thank you for your input though!

  • Hey!

    It has been a while since an update but I’ve been busy with school.

    I made some major revisions to the first objective city area. I changed some buildings and added a crane-o-vator (like a crane elevator). I also have the Masons spawning closer at the start, then moving back, to help segment the fight throughout the city as the objective progresses.

    Second objective is still pretty much the same.

    Third objective is still the same.

    Still trying to figure out exactly what I want with the final objective. As of now there is just a placeholder kill the NPC objective, and a lot of placeholder BSP for the inside of the palace.

    As long as my kismet works like I intended, and the materials work like they should, I hope to have a playable version of my map out within a week.


    The first stretch for the cart

    Inner city cart crescent

    Third stretch for cart (final stretch for objective 1) (crane-o-vator on the right side)

    Side View of first objective (you can see objective 2 in the distance)

    Close up of objective 2 and 3

    Objective two, inside trench

    Objective 3, final stretch of cart, water supply

    Objective 4, palace yard road

    Objective 4, agatha side, overlook, catapult hill

    Objective 4 still has a fair bit of work to be done, but there is nothing keeping it from working.
    I still need to add water to the trench river and the creek.
    Also I still need to do a lot of beautification. Especially for the outlands.

    Other than that my map is pretty much done.

    Tell me what you guys think of the pictures!

  • Looks great so far, a tad open and large though. Only suggestion I have is to give the water supply some aqueducts.

  • Thanks for the reply! I agree the map is rather large, but that was a design decision I made early on. I feel like the maps currently in Chivalry are too small to be enjoyable for 32 players (with the exception of Citadel). I designed this map with the intention it be played with 20-32 people. It can be played with less, but it may feel too spacious.

    Also, the openness is constantly being filled in as I find the need to place cover in open areas.

    Also also, a lot of places that seem open to archer fire have trees blocking lines of sight, which should cut down on archer spam.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, but if you look closely, there are infact aqueducts running into the water supply. Once I add water in it may be more apparent.

  • Hello everyone!

    A beta version of my map is now available to download, and should be up on the official server rotation.

    Please feel free to add it to your server if you have a server.

    Please comment, either here or on the steam page, about what you liked/disliked about the map.

  • Haven’t played this but it looks like it could be fun :)
    Looking at your screens I would make the path texture more different from the sand texture, maybe even add more of a road. Also it seems to be rather straight sometimes which isn’t alot of fun, so maybe add more things to break the road up not just things on the sides.

  • Hi! Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately it seems like it is taking Torn Banner quite a while to update the official custom map servers so it is not on there yet.

    On the road not being that noticeable, I intended it that way. It is a desert and the idea was that the sand would get all over the road and make it blend in to the surroundings a lot. This may change if people do not like it.

    I do agree with you about the straightness of certain areas though. There are two straight stretches for the cart, the very beginning which is the longest, and the part just before it arrives to the trench edge. The trench edge one I intended to be that way, and I like it. The first straight stretch ended up being a fair bit longer than I intended and I agree that it could get boring, and may not be the best way to start the map. I may end up trying to add a bit of a bend in it at some point, but I do not have the time currently.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

  • Okay this will be my last post until the 30th, I am going to Vegas for a rowdy good time.

    The map should be functioning to completion.

    The cart floats above the ground slightly. (and goes too fast in certain spots)
    The Masons do not spawn drunk. (which also means there is no clean well to capture)
    Several stuck spots & some weird collision. (feel free to post any you find)
    Some visuals need updating (particularly the final Mason spawn)

    Unfortunately I do not have the time to make these fixes. I will have one day to make final changes on the 30th when I get back so any quick fixes or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Of course all feedback is appreciated but any large changes will have to wait until after the first round of the competition.

    Thanks! And hopefully you enjoy my map!

  • Hey man. Tried your map out with a bunch of people on the testing server. I really like the look of it. Objective 1 plays out really well. It feels open and explorable with most of the action focused at the cart. The little carriage across the top of the map is silly as fuck and pretty fun. Objective 2 didn’t go so well. It was very easy to get bottlenecked and held off at the two bridges. The path in the chasm/valley area was completely hidden so no one went down there. When we had people on the dual capture objective, nothing seemed to happen. All in all, it looks like a pretty cool map that needs just a little tweaking.

  • Hey Jonks! Thank you for your feedback. Did you only make it to objective 2?
    One of my concerns for objective 2 was that it’s somewhat confusing if you don’t know where to go. There are actually 4 places to cross the chasm. The lower chasm route, the two obvious/fast routes which are very narrow, and a cave path behind the waterfall on the far side.
    From there you have 4 separate routes to get up to the main floor of the wall, and 3 routes to get up to the crank wheel which extends the bridge.
    I do not really know how I can make these more obvious, I think it may just be a matter of people playing the map and trying out/learning different routes. I am sure everyone was just really excited to run in and see what was going on and didn’t spend much time looking around for alternate routes.
    I have not had a chance to test the dual capture objective, but as it stands nothing happens for 10 seconds and then a small bridge is supposed to appear for quick reinforcements. Did you try standing there for about 10 seconds?

    Also with this feedback I may need to increase Mason spawn times a bit in objective 2.

  • Well I don’t know what has happened, but Jonks says the map worked for him and some people, and I am not sure if he meant on his own server rather than the official servers.

    Yesterday I tried to play my map on the official servers. It was not there. I tried again today, it was there, but it refused to download from steam, which is odd considering I should already have it.

    I don’t know if that is just something to do with being the creator of the map or perhaps it was improperly loaded onto the official servers, but I hope it does not glitch for everyone on the official servers.

    Because I will be really really upset if I am disqualified from the competition due to the official server updates taking over a week, resulting in me not being able to test it on them. It was ready well before the deadline and I am worried.

  • Alright so it was on the official test server and I think everyone got in when it came up in the rotation. Sometimes the download just gets stuck for some reason or another.

    And yea we only got to Objective 2. You could try using lanterns/torches to guide the players. With the dual objective, I don’t think we stood there for 10 seconds but feedback for the player is pretty important. Playing a sound as soon as both spots are occupied like on Dark Forest’s dual capture works really well.

  • Yeah I definitely plan on adding a noise or perhaps even a “build in progress” indicator, but I haven’t quite gotten around to it.

    As for the torches to guide players, I somewhat like that idea but it may not be as useful in my map as others because my map is already very bright. But perhaps some other path indicator could be useful.

    I am also thinking of changing the Agatha spawn to one of the buildings closer to the chasm, that may give a bit of an overhead view so you can see where to go better.

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