[WIP] Fortification Contest - Castle Assault

  • Info Updated: 6/23/2014

    Link to steam workshop:

    Update notes:

    • Tons of collision bugs fixed
    • Minor visual tweaks and adjustments
    • Several optimizations
    • Several lightmap fixes
    • Rotated lots of trees so they arent rotated the same direction repeatedly at some spots
    • Fixed some of the AI pathing so that the villagers don’t take a long back route any longer

    **Updated Pics: 6/12/2014
    Updated screenshots:

  • Small update, spent another day revising the layout of the second part of the map and messed around with creating modular buildings using various bits and pieces.

    Hoping to have a layout done asap, will still probably be about two weeks before I have something I’m really set on putting through public testing.

  • Looking good :D

    So far I’ve found the building meshes are a little limiting, but workable.

  • Awesome. I like the line of sight indicators. Do you have the objectives planned out already?

  • I have some of them, my priority right now is to figure these out as it will drastically change how I’m approaching my layout (Pics above are more about establishing overall size and to a lesser degree flow). The first objective will be to light 1-2 beacons to signal the troops inside the castle walls, will post some pics of this tonight :) Once inside the walls the objectives are a little more up in the air atm but I’m thinking of doing a randomized objective system so that every time you play the map you get a different objective, would probably only shift between 2-3 different ones at most but they would likely be simple if that’s the case. Something like destroy the wine/beer storage, burn the fields, or kill villagers.

    Final objective will likely be a kill the captain objective of some sort. Basically once you complete the second objective the giant doors on the main castle will open up and the Captain and his final men will come out to stop the invasion.

    Of course these are all subject to change depending on feedback :)

    Also having some issues with AI if anyone can help. Basically I have small cave area where players first spawn in at and to leave the cave there is a small drop off into the rest of the levels to separate the spawns so they are safe, but the AI seems to get confused at this drop off location. They walk right up to it and just run back and forth and start kicking each other XD. I have two pylons but there is no direct connection between the two and I imagine this is the issue but it seems a lot of the stock levels are doing the same thing I’m doing but its working for them :B I’m using the navmesh with recast enabled and prioritize navmesh is enabled in the world info. I know other than this issue the AI will go to the correct location

    Side question: Are the bots just really stupid or do they not really work in the play in editor? I’ve tried loading up some of the official maps and as far as I can see in the scripting and navigation setup they are only told where to go stand at and they can walk around a certain distance from that area but are they actually smart enough to grab torches and burn stuff down and play the maps properly or is that really all they do?

  • Are you also using path nodes? They should act as backups to the navmesh, filling the gap whenever needed. Also (I believe) you need AOCAINavPoints in key areas (objectives etc) and activate them via Kismet using the hivemind & Add/remove AI groups set before they do more than seeking nearby enemies. FFA-Moor has probably the most basic set up, I’ve not implemented it myself yet but that seems to be the key.

    I don’t think they’re really set up for TO at the moment, so no torches or the like. They can be encouraged to stick to locations/objectives like siege weapons however. Battleground is quite a good example due to it’s comparative simplicity.

    EDIT: Just a note, I’ve not implemented this myself yet but it’s what I think so far.

  • I tried to place a couple of path nodes, I’ll try a fuller sweep of the pathnodes though to see if that fixes it. I’m using the AOCAINavPoints currently and they run to them correctly if I can shove them off of the ledge into the other nav mesh areas.

    If they aren’t really setup properly for TO that’s good to know, thought I was going to have to go through some pretty advanced scripting to get them to properly get torches and burn stuff down XD But if I only need to get them to run to their correct locations that’s good to know :)

    So just a short update on the map. I’m going to focus on getting the objectives in and a very rough draft of the map ASAP for testing and feedback purposes. Will probably be ready this weekend, maybe Friday night or sometime Saturday :)

  • Yeah, the bots are a little confused from time to time but they should default to path nodes when required. One trick I found is for ledges you want them to drop down off is creating a one way path node. This forces bots to move forward even if that path isn’t as wide as it might like.

  • kk I’ll try that thanks!! :)

  • Quick update on the map. The first section of the level is about 80% finished in terms of layout. Second half has gone through some pretty heavy overhauls as well but is closer to 60% layout finished.

    Here is a pic of what the attackers will see as they first entire the level. It may be hard to tell but there is a path straight through the center over a wooden log that crosses a waterfall area. There is also a second pathway for players directly to the right so this isn’t the only pathway for players :) This area will likely be much more in shadow in the final version with fires/torches leading the players where they need to go (Same with all of the pictures below).

    Here is the previously promised picture of the first objective, after crossing the log over the waterfall you come to this area with a good visual on the objective, defenders have a quick pathway over the fence to get to you but attackers must either take the left or right pathway around to get to the objective.

    Picture of the second half of the map that I mentioned was about 60% completed layout wise. It is a much more urban based area as its inside the castle walls. To the left there is also going to be quite an impressive overlook of a village below as well as a bit of a battle scene just to bring the world together. And by battle scene you will mostly just see a town on fire, its reaaaallly far down… Also this section of the map will be used as the TDM part of the map so I wanted to push the height variation and winding pathways a little more in this area.

  • Map is now uploaded on Steam Workshop.

    Currently looking for feedback specifically on the layout, the layout is in a rough state currently but specifically looking for an overall opinion on things like objectives, overall size, paths to and from objectives feel good?

    Link to steam workshop:

    Planned changes in the next version:

    Make objectives take more hits to destroy
    Some visual work
    Start working on refining second half of map

    Currently Broken:
    Anything to do with collisions
    Lots of areas players can fall in and not die, or just get stuck in very easy, a lot of pathways aren’t entirely blocked off yet, specifically areas with lots of trees which will eventually be entirely blocked off visually and gameplay wise.

  • Looking good! I’m really liking it so far.

    There seem to be several missing meshes. I’m not sure if it’s due to my steam or what, but there are missing walls here and there and slightly odd collision too.

    As for gameplay. I might increase the number of hits per barrel, they seem to go very quickly and I’d be worried that the map could progress very quickly. The same could be said for the pyre, one torch hit and it’s done. This could lead to very very quick games, or games that stagnate at the end.

    The map flow is well constructed. There are a few places where it becomes confusing, especially in the town and in front of the pyre. I arrived with a torch and was met with a fence. It seemed like a very long trek, while this does account for the single hit pyre hit, I think in testing it will be extremely difficult to get a torch that distance without being horribly targeted. If it was me I would move the ammoboxs a bit closer and make the pyre require several hits.

    This would make the pyre less “all or nothing” and help foster teamwork. Keeping the spawns where they are gives a large combat environment and makes getting to the torches a clearly defined goal, the pyre having a progress bar of hits similarly gives the player a target, goal, and a sense of achievement for hitting the target, even if it wasn’t the final hit.

    Just a few thoughts, it would likely play better with people rather than bots :)

    Talking about bots I notice you’re still having issues with dropping them down from a ledge. This is what I’ve done on ledges. The nodes on top are rotated to desired direction of travel and are set to one way path. I know I mentioned this before but I thought a screenshot might assist.

  • Amazing work.

  • Thanks for the feedback!! Where were the walls you were talking about exactly? It might have just been some of the crazy overly giant collisions on some of the meshes I was using but definitely want to find out for sure XD

    I definitely agree with all of the objectives feedback, I didn’t want those to be final but its good to see people feel the same way I do about them :) I am hoping to make the first objective a bit more interesting and hopefully the visual pass will make things a little more obvious where to go in that confusing fence area, will probably be making some layout changes regarding these areas too to help out on it :) Also the barrels area will be changed and mixed up a bit later. I’ll definitely change the barrels to be a 2-3 hit to destroy. Also the final design I had in mind for that was that there would be about 5-6 locations for things to destroy but that each playthrough would only have players destroying 3 of those locations. Basically on each playthrough it would randomly choose which objectives to enable and disable to mix it up a bit each playthrough. Also the layout will be redesigned a bit to make this a bit more balanced based on feedback later on and there will be things mixed in so that its not just barrels being destroyed. I’m also not a fan of having the only entry into these locations being one small doorway. I plan on making these more open so that they aren’t so claustrophobic and easy to defend.

    Again thanks for the feedback! Will definitely be putting this feedback into future versions of the map but the next version I upload will probably be focused on the first half of the map first!

  • Great freakin work!

  • Spent a few hours on the maps visuals, definitely early wip still.

  • Map looks beautiful.

  • Wow that looks great! Looks like one of Alan Wake’s signature forests.

  • Updated the map on the workshop. Did a pretty decent overhaul of the first half of the layout.

    Really want to get peoples feedback on how the objectives are laid out currently. There are currently two paths that can be taken for each objective but you must only destroy one to continue further, you can still destroy the objectives that are blocking the other paths after the objectives are completed but you aren’t required to. I think its cool to give players multiple routes and it makes it harder for the defending team to defend things but I defiitely want to get feedback on these things :)

    Planned changes in the next version:

    Make objectives take more hits to destroy
    Some visual work
    Start working on refining second half of map

  • Great to see another update, time to put her back onto rotation!!!

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