Chivalry style "Rush" Game Mode?

  • What about a Rush/Conquest mode that doesn’t just use one map but uses a few maps each containing multiple capture zones in a linear fashion with every map being a continuation of the map before it. It could be called “Conqueror Mode.”

    i,e; the attacking team storms the area out side of a castle and has to capture key locations (such as the farm land or the peasant’s village and then the Main gate) in order to move on to the next map which would be the inner castle yard and it’s 3 capture zones, then followed finally by the taking of the Kings Castle it’s self by ether murdering the king or just capturing his throne room or perhaps simply eliminating all of the opposing forces.

    If enough players enjoyed it then it could maybe become like Medieval Total War where every set of “Conqueror Mode” maps would be linked up to form the territory of an entire kingdom. Players could have huge “Campaign Conqueror Games.”


    Here is my game mode wish list:

    • Conqueror Mode: see above explanation.

    • Assassination Mode: aka VIP mode where one team protects the King or a nobleman while the other team attempts to kill the player who is the VIP.

    • Siege Mode: classic style Team Death Match and Death Match maps.

    • Arena Mode: small Team Death Match and Death Match maps.

    • Capture the Flag: taking the royal banner from the enemy’s throne room back to your own throne room.

    • Plunder Mode: Each team tries to steal or retrieve as much gold , jewels and expensive items from the other teams vault and various other rooms back to their own vault or camp (I say camp cause I’m assuming their won’t be two enemy castles right next to each other.) The team with the greater sum at the end of the round wins. The more loot you carry the slower you’ll move and there is respawning.

    • Reav´er Mode: Same as Plunder except any valuables successfully stolen by the attacking team can only be recaptured if retrieved before the loot is taken to the opposing teams vault or camp site. The round ends when ether all loot has been taken to the attackers vault or camp, all the opposing team players have been eliminated or if the timer runs out. There is no respawn.

  • Personally I just want to see a remake of Westerlyn from AoC, which had its primary objectives centered around conquest style capturing. Hopefully Chivalry can do something similar but expand on it so there’s more of a back and forth.

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