Issues with Kismet please help

  • I am having problem where all my logic works in editor but then cooking the maps seems to break a lot …
    attached are 3 screenshots for the kismet areas that are working in editor but not in game any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    note I don’t want to have to work done for me just looking for a nudge in the right direction thank you

  • I managed to work out some of the issues however now the head/helm/hud for head do seem to go to the death location on the last player as the trigger does. starting to go a little nuts lol attached is a txt that contains the kismet

  • I feel your pain with things that work in editor but break on the server.
    I know that the objective is after Malric dies his head spawns which can be picked up, and has to be taken to a location. What exactly is it that goes wrong?

  • Ok so the Trigger for the head is placed at the location of the player that killed Malric and/or the last player in possession of the head, and that seems to be working in PIE , Game and in Server the issues right now seems to be the head/helm and HUD for the head are not going to the location really weird cause the have the same get location/set location function applied to them in kismet. I was having lot of problems attaching the head to player and having it end up in odd places, so I made it attach to the hand of the player.

  • Had same problem attaching grail. you can easily look at my kusnet for that. never fully solved the issue but git a good enough solution i think. i put s small object which the grail is hard attached to. the small object attaches to the charecter…in servermode it attacges at the center but rotates with the cgarecter. so with a bit of position fiddling the grail appears to be on the belt and turns and moves with the charecter.

    Look aweful in client mide though!!!

    if anyone has a better solution i would live to know :-)

  • Everything works as far as attaching I believe my only problem now is on the server the head models and HUD appear at there editor locations at the time event is triggered the head and HUD are all attached in kismet and the get location set location are separate but the same as the trigger for the head, however they are not moving as the trigger is to the death location.

  • Working for now thanks for the help

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