[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - AOCTO-GrailCastle_P Neuschwanstein

  • I will keep the main thread for updates - but I thought I would post this as I am just about ready to enter the contest. So a bit of the back story……

    The Agathian king has lost the Grail, his sacred charge, and with it his divine ability to protect his kingdom and the land. The king is the land!! and without the grail this link is severed and the king impotent.

    The Grail was kept and closely guarded in the Grail Castle, Neuschwanstein, however a week ago the despicable Masons, no doubt under orders from Malric himself, using some foul treachery, gained access to the Grail Castle. Most of the Guard were taken by surprise without being allowed even the honour of defending themselves.

    These rumours have reached the Agathians, and the king has dispatched his best knights (some vanguards, other men at arms, archers and so on) to get the grail back at all costs.

    So early, mid morning, after the knights have prepared and the squires have had time to do, well whatever they do to help the knights prepare, Agatha are ready for their assault on the castle. Based in their hastily erected camp they have but one ram with which to gain entrance to the castle.

    By some fortune a lowly engineer knew of an unused tunnel entrance to the castle kitchen stores and had some man erect a rather shaky looking scaffolding overnight. For those who would dare this construction, access should be possible using the tunnels it leads to. However the knight commander would have you know that this is NOT the most chivalrous method of winning the Grail back.

    Part 1
    Agatha must break into the castle. either use the battering ram and knock down the gate or break through the tunnels and open

    the gate from the inside.

    Masons must stop the ram and prevent the Agathians breaking through the barriers in the tunnel. Be sure to defend the kitchen

    stores in case they sneak in and open the gate from the inside.

    Part 2
    Agatha must build 2 forward bases in the upper courtyard building AND take and hold the square tower. Taking the tower swaps

    some spawn points between Agatha and Mason (and back) giving a tactical advantage).

    Mason must prevent building the bases and the flag raising and hold the tower themselves.

    Part 3
    Agatha must now get into the throne room, and take the grail back (use action), once you have the grail they must escape the

    castle and return it to the Camp main tent. There are 4 ways out of the castle.

    Masons - don’t let them take the grail, if they do, stop them returning it to camp

  • Agatha uses bomb carts

  • very very good map, hope this or irillia shore wins the first round

  • What about the intelectual property of the Neuschwanstein castle ?
    Aside that, cool map.

  • Thanks for your concern Rayeon. As a national monument Neuschwanstein doesn’t fall under IP, and the word itself is not subject of a Trade Mark in Germany. Being a monument on public view its image is not subject to copyright, however photographs of it (or parts of it) are of course owned and copyrighted by the photographer. So I, like many others before, can make a model of the castle with our own creative interpretation - which is what I have done. (my wife is an artist and we have researched this are quite a bit).

    I have so far checked with contributors to the project and they have given their OK to use their work. There are some images I use that I still need to re-check, some of them I photographed myself, and some were internet sources but were OK to use for non-commercial purposes. I am still not sure if this competition counts as a commercial venture, from my point of view I believe it isn’t and is simply a competition, from the TB point of view I think it might depend on whether the maps are ‘put on official servers’ or ‘become part of the commercial offering’ - maybe you have a view on that TB? Anyway, it is still on my list to check the few images for this and I will remove or replace them as appropriate, and based on the answer to the above.

  • Worshop Link? Just want to be 100% I am using the correct version.

    EDIT: Merged into old Thread.

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