Why no girls in CMW

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    We don’t take kindly to sexualy frustrated tweens who want to sexualize everything around them.

  • If they add female characters to this game, I quit.

  • I would like to see some Peasant and Nobility women you get to interact with in some TO missions. Would rather they add in new models for the current classes first though

  • @Sophax:


    We don’t take kindly to sexualy frustrated tweens who want to sexualize everything around them.

    Tweens lol

    I think I just have a higher sex drive than you all. Kimiko understands.

  • I think the biggest reason why women shouldn’t be in the game is because the entire feeling changes when you’re brutally slaying women. The atmosphere just changes completely. It’s not a matter of “keep girls away” but a matter of “you’ll damper the game’s tone.”

    Not to mention that their portrayal will be utterly meaningless to the game, other than to serve some feminist’s political agenda. What point is there in offering a female character in a game based on medieval age of warfare, where with the exception of Joan of Arc, they typically were never found in battle?

    Realistically, women could never hold their own on the battlefield, and anything exaggerated with them will come off as such. Even though the game itself is an exaggeration to good degree, the men are portrayed more realistically. The game plays on this theme of fictitious realism, and realistically, you’d never find a bunch of Xena-like and Athena-like women on the battlefield.

    Unless you go the ol’ skinny women in skimpy armor route (which would merit more complaints from folks requesting female characters) to make them more appealing, you’ll be forced to use a bunch of brawny Amazons, which isn’t appealing and further removes the game from its intended sense of realism.

    People should realize that not everything in life can be “equal,” but everything in life can be fair. If this game doesn’t have female characters due to serving an intention that simply didn’t feature many females, and there’s no law requiring such, then this is completely fair.

    Just because this game doesn’t feature women warriors, doesn’t necessary mean the game or the designers sexist. Not that I wish to speak for the developers here (clearly, they’re open to the issue), but just sometimes, it’s just a matter of serving a particular vision, and visions don’t always have to (and probably shouldn’t) confine themselves to other people’s agendas.

    If some people don’t like this game’s lack of female warriors, then maybe enough of those people should make their own game to serve their own vision and stop expecting others to carry their agenda. I personally get sick of feminists who go out the way to tell other developers what to do with their own creative license.

    Though, seems like no matter what you do, you just can’t please the more feministic of folks out there. If you DON’T include women characters in a violent game, then some complain about that as sexist. If you DO include women characters in violent games, then some complain about that as sexist.

    At the end, you might as well do whatever the heck you as the creator wants to do. Stay true to your vision–not to some sheer political agenda. If you didn’t originally intend for exaggerated female characters to be a part of the game, then people should accept that as the vision of the game.

  • im sorry but not many females were fighting in the battles of the medieval ages except for a few so it would be a downer to realism’

  • I say we allow rank 70’s to be super sexy female warriors.

  • @Monsteri:

    I say we allow rank 70’s to be super sexy female warriors.

    That actually sound really fair. I would support this if it would happen. (because it’ll be fuckin years before there’s a legit rank 70, no bot farming)

    EDIT: lol 70 is like over 3 times the amount of kills as 60. Have fun Sir Pink and Tobi!

  • @gregcau:

    Tweens lol

    I think I just have a higher sex drive than you all. Kimiko understands.


    Don’t talk like that about Kimiko.

  • I also meant to add that the game shouldn’t be swayed by those merely seeking scantily-clad women, either. Not that I have anything against such in games (hey, I like 'em as much as the next guy), but again, for the same purpose: If such wasn’t originally part of the vision for the game, altering the tone of the game with such the inclusion would damper the particular tone this game seeks to achieve.

    But hey, don’t let me be the voice on the matter. I’m just presenting some logic that one can weigh. I guess it’s all up to whatever developers want. If they’re willing to alter the tone for some fan satisfaction, that’s their choice. Though, I also guess that doing such would alienate some of those who play the game for its particular tone achieved, and can go elsewhere in plenty for the likes of women in violent games.

    Having said this, it would be funny to see a high-ranking player able to play as some scantily-clad female in the game. Nothing funnier than having your ass handed to you by some scrawny sexy babe.

  • It really would just ruin the immersion, which is very important to me personally. For me this is the best and most immersive “medieval war” simulator, so … yeah.

    Also, to those saying archers could be women, you don’t understand that archers were very strong as well. You had to be really really strong in order to fire the war bow, and it’s an achievement in itself being able to use it, let alone having a woman use it would be incredible to watch. Realism doesn’t matter to all, but it does a lot to me personally. I think this is also the case with Torn, otherwise there’d already be female models methinks.

  • I was going to say I can’t think of a single good reason to add women to the game, until I read this:


    If they add female characters to this game, I quit.

    Sounds good to me.

  • Just add a Queen to a TO map that you can play as, bam, problem solved.

  • “I don’t like girls.
    It would distract from the immersion of this super realistic game
    I am sexist and girls cant use swords”

    So we actually can’t vote for “no female” models without saying we’re sexist or dumb?
    Nor is chivalry super realistic, nor am I sexist, but actually I don’t want to see female warriors in chivalry as an option for anyone, because chivalry gives at least a LITTLE realistic feel (at least while no heads are exploding by arrows-.-)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing rare females here and there. I would prefer some female peseants and royals (and actual royal skins for the royals) But female warriors should really be RARE. I bet 70% of the players would pick the female models then… If you look at any game that brings the option to pick between female or male you see the female population being much bigger, because most of the male players choose female skins because they like looking at their sexy character I guess. Don’t get me wrong. On some games I pick the female skin, too.

    But those are games that aren’t meant to look realistic. Chivalry is meant to bring a realistic and immersive feel. But that’s gone anyway I think…

  • This community is backwards. Saying noooooo!!! to more offical content… wth.

  • @Oy:

    Just add a Queen to a TO map that you can play as, bam, problem solved.

    The Agatha vanguard is already a queen.

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