Shield up time

  • Just a quick poll to see what people think about shield up time.

  • I’m not really sure why it was added in the first place? Shields have always felt like a joke and a huge liability to me. I’ve only started taking them because I realized I don’t use my thrown weapons very much anymore and the passive arrow block occasionally helps. I never actually DRAW my shield though.

  • Other: Keep shield up time, but let it block while on the raise doing extra stamina damage on block.

    If not, then get rid of shield raise time.

  • Not sure if I voted correctly, I voted: Yes, remove shield up time.
    I’d like shield raise/lower times put back to where they were before the last patch and as there was an issue with the mechanics not fitting the animations, I’d like the animations changed to fit the old timing.

  • I would like to have the up times reduced for the smaller shields (Buckler in particular) as they seem to be outperformed by the bigger ones most of the time.

    I also support Toll’s idea: Its just stupid that people can strike through your shield when you raise it but when they kick you still get the full daze.

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