Couple Ideas for whom might care

  • Just joined the fray and first allow to say that this is an awesome game, the community suck a little bit, people constantly complain about hacks when someone beat them and such other childish bull shit, but whatever, I’m having great fun so congratulations to the developers on delivering AAA quality title like this, but i have a couple idea :

    1 - The game need more customization, more variety in the armor/weaponry field, i would gladly pay a reasonable price for a nice historical set of armor or weapons that make me unique on the battlefield.

    2 - i see that you guys already rolled out an expansion with Samurais and Spartans and such but why go so far when you have a whole civilization with its own unique style just at the door steps of Europe, medieval Muslims were great warriors and knights, Saladin was a model of chivalric warrior during the middles ages even for Christian knights, they fought with success 7 or 8 crusades and the golden horde of Genghis khan, they had also a chivalry tradition called furusiyya, and if you add them you are supporting realism of your game, Christian knights spent a lot of their time fighting Muslim infidels.

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